Employee retention matters for several good reasons and is an important topic you should pay more attention to if you want to get ahead. It’s an aspect of business many owners forget about and fail to address, only for them to later regret letting their staff fall through the cracks when they either drift to their competitors.

It’s smart of you to take the time to learn more about why your employees should be your first focus and what you can do to keep them around longer. Begin to realize that you can’t do it all on your own and should start showing more appreciation for the amount of talent you have on your team.

They have Good Ideas to Offer

Remember the reasons you hired your employees and let that remind you why they’re so valuable to have on your side. It’s likely you brought them onboard because they’re smart, talented and fit the culture. Don’t take their ideas and suggestions for granted if you want to keep them around. Be sure you reward them with a substantial salary or with other activities such as going to the Escape Room in St Louis. It’s not only for fun, but they’ll be challenged to use their problem-solving skills and work as a team as well.

They can Pinpoint Problem Areas

As the owner, you’re likely running around attending to responsibilities that are different from what your staff is working on. They’re the ones who have their sleeves rolled up and are attending to the daily tasks that allow your business to survive in the first place. Your employees should be your first focus because they can help you pinpoint problem areas and improve processes. Listen to their ideas and notice what a difference it makes when it comes to efficiency and productivity.

You need them for Growth Purposes

You aren’t going to reach your business growth plan goals all alone. You need a strong team behind you that can help you achieve your objectives and expand your offerings. Make your employees your first focus because without them you’re going to get stuck where you are and not be able to extend into new markets and win over your target audience. You need their skills and talents if your plan is to become a bigger operation that can realistically contend with your competitors.

Employee Turnover is Bad for Business

Truthfully, not retaining your employees for very long is bad for business and will cost you more money in the long term if you are having to constantly replace positions. You’ll attract more quality candidates to your business when you can prove people like to stick around for a while and aren’t running out the door the minute they get hired. You want workers who brag about how great of a company they work for and enjoy coming to work each day.


You need to be able to retain a motivated and productive staff if your business is going to succeed. You can’t treat your employees poorly and expect to accomplish your goals. Knowing all this, it’s time to start appreciating your staff and acknowledging that you can’t get ahead without them.

By Eddy

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