Anyone looking to boost his or her career should know that being complacent will get them nowhere.

One needs to find out where he or she wants to go and then set about making it happen. To unlock a better future, they have to commit to learning continually in the form of professional development and training. That continual learning process is what makes one better at what they do, thus expanding their understanding and making them a valuable part of the team.

Why is it so important to adopt continuous learning? This is because everything around us and the world in general is changing fast. Anyone who dares stand still for a while risks being left behind. Learning today does not mean that one has to go back to a classroom setting. Technology has made it possible for one to learn and grow using training tools offered online. One can access them via phone or laptop when they are free. It is all about being initiative and putting in hard work.

There are habits that a person can do on a daily basis that will move him or her to the next level in their career.

Here are just 5 that anyone can leverage for success: –

1. Time management.

24 hours in a day don’t seem to be enough anymore, but the busier one becomes, the more important it is to manage time efficiently. One of the best habits that anyone can develop is the habit of planning and organizing how they will divide the time they have based on the activities they have to do in a day. This helps one work a lot smarter and not necessarily harder. Additionally, the person gets to achieve more in less time, or in the time they have. Without proper time management, it is easy to become stressed and thus less effective.

One of the best ways to effect this is to come up with a “to-do” list. This list should be prepared in the evening so that the following day all one has to do is hit the ground running. The focus should be on activities that produce results. Many would apply the 80/20 rule to increase productivity. It’s not enough to be busy all day; one must also be effective. Some of the results that one can hope to achieve include:

• Increased efficiency and productivity

• Reduced stress levels

• An improved professional reputation as someone who delivers

• Good quality work and efficient workflow

• Meeting deadlines

• More opportunities for career advancement

2. Goal setting

Achievers in every field set goals for themselves and then go about the business of achieving them. By setting goals, one gains long-term vision, and the goals motivate them to achieve more in the short-term. When one has goals, they are driven to organize their time and resources so as to achieve the said goals. If a person is in debt and has several loans, he or she can set the goal of repaying the debt by a certain date and the steps to achieve it. He or she can apply for debt consolidation plans in Singapore to make repayments easier and of lower interest rates. To boost ones’ career, the person must set that as a goal. With the goal set, the following benefits can be expected:

He or she will have a sense of direction. Once the person knows where they are going, they can set off in that particular direction by doing what needs to be done to get there. This can mean getting more formal education, focusing their efforts on particular skills that can help meet the goal and the like.

Everything will come into focus. Once a goal has been set for career advancement, then one is able to see what is important in achieving that goal. With clear focus, he or she can now let go of things that do not add value, and put more energy into those things that will lead to the achievement of the goal.

A sense of control. When a person is working towards something worthwhile in the future, they get a sense of control of their future. This means that he or she will not aimlessly wander through life. By grabbing the bull by the horns, one can steer their career to where they need it to go.

3. Personal development

Every now and then, everybody should take stock of their lives; where they are, and what skills they need to develop in order to get where they need to go. If one feels stuck in a rut as far as career development is concerned, it may be time to take on some steps towards personal development. This may include such things as developing untapped potential and maximizing on hidden talent. It is also a great idea to consider ones personality and which careers are ideal for the said personality type.

Basically, it works better when one leverages what they do well naturally and uses that to boost their careers. Personal development can include such things as:

• Leadership skills

• Presentation skills

• Interpersonal skills

• Writing skills

• Negotiation skills

By leveraging these skills, one may be able to open up other opportunities for himself or herself and take their career from where it is now to a whole other level.

4. Soft skills development

Soft skills are also known as people skills. These skills help one get along with colleagues and customers better. These skills boost human connections and build relationships. They go a long way in helping boost ones career. Soft skills that everyone should cultivate include:

Communication skills. These help you in boosting performance because you are able to clearly communicate your expectations and extract other people’s expectations of you. Therefore, you can meet their expectations and deliver top-notch work. It also helps greatly in project discussions to produce the best idea.

Teamwork. No man is an island, and if a company has to deliver to its clients, there is need for everyone to work together as a team. People who work well with others foster a friendly work culture, which leads to employee retention. Additionally, the work quality is better when people collaborate instead of competing.

Problem solving skills. The world is full of complainers. What it needs is some people who can take action and solve problems. When an employee is quick to come up with solutions, they will stand out to the employer and become an invaluable asset. Employers are constantly looking for problem solvers and not people who complain without offering solutions.

Conflict resolution. Disagreements arise from time to time. A person with good conflict resolutions skills knows how to work constructively through any disagreements that may arise without taking them personally. Such a person is often considered a leader because they are able to promote a collaborative and healthy working environment.

5. Work – life balance

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Life is about balance. When one does not take the time to go out and play, get some rest and relax, and come back refreshed, it begins to reflect in their work. The toll of exhaustion and the stresses of life mean that one will not be able to deliver top-notch work. Therefore, efficiency drops and relationships suffer leading to problems in the workplace. Here are some tips to help you relax and rejuvenate:

Exercise. This is one of the most effective ways of reducing stress and it has the added benefit of pumping feel good hormones into your system. One feels refreshed, and the mind is more alert when an individual exercises regularly. Signing up for gym memberships help with regularly exercise sessions. If one is worried about costs, they can always take a jog at the park, free of charge.

Unplug and have fun. Technology is everywhere and most people are on the phone or computer on and off all day. Take a break for an hour or two and just relax, meditate, read a good book, or just catch up with your family.

Limit or entirely cut off time wasters. This includes time wasting activities in addition to people. Use time wisely and don’t get sidetracked by those who seem not to have a plan for their lives.

By Eddy

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