It doesn’t really matter what you do. You may be an experienced business man or just a start upper, who is trying to develop own business. You have to be always on wheels. Sometimes, you really need to get in the car whether to go for a meeting or transport products. If you don’t have money to buy a car you can easily take it for rent in the city you live in. The same is about business traveling. You can use GRR airport car rental to get the best car for a weekend and impress your partners. Here are things to consider when choosing a car for your business trip.

Toyota Prius 2016


US Ford Explorer import

1. Fuel efficiency

If you want to make your trip profitable, you have to pick a really good car. What does it mean? It means you have to pay attention to its fuel economy. It becomes very important how much fuel your car takes per hour when you are driving a long distance. For example, Toyota Prius Hybrid takes about 50 mpg. If you need a bigger car, pay attention to Ford Explorer for seven seats. The most fuel efficient mid-size car is Nissan.

2. Equipment

There are so many great technologies you can find in your hired car. All these small gadgets help to make your trip comfortable. You can check if the car is well-equipped or not before you take it for rent. If you want to feel like at home during the trip and use all modern helpers in your way like GPS navigation, give your voice commands without touching the gadget, pick the car carefully. You can try Toyota Prius, equipped with their new EnTune system.

Toyota Prius 2016

3. Car for work

Your car is not only a way of transportation. If you are going with your colleagues in a big car for a conference or presentation, you can easily use it as a meeting room. In this situation it is important to take a minivan with WiFi, monitors, air conditioner, and enough space for people and their luggage.

Multi Award- Winning Range Rover Evoque Leads The Way With In-Car Technology

4. Multitasking

Try to pick not only a good car but a real helper on the road. Believe it or not, but a car with in-built radar, GPS, speed sensors, voice control helps your driving a lot. When the traffic is heavy you may use this radar system to control your speed and drive your car safely. Pay attention to all these facilities when you have to drive a car for long distance. Of course, you can find a well-equipped car from many popular brands. How about Ford Explorer? You can control the car with the help of mobile apps. Whatever program you have in your phone, you can easily integrate it in your car controller. It makes you a multitasking driver, indeed!

5. Comfort

What is the most important for you when you choose a car? Sometimes, it happens that the car looks small and stylish. You really like it but want a bigger vehicle for your trip. Look attentively! Such a popular car model as Prius looks like a piece of art. But inside the car is comfortable and surprisingly big. The car is equipped with heated seats, climate control, lifesavers. It would be much cheaper than a mid-size car but it can be enough for a solo trip. That’s why before to pay for the car at the rental office you have to get in and check if the car is enough comfortable for you.

6. Green Car

Of course, a green car is not about colors. It’s about everything that can be good for the earth. More and more people prefer electric cars to diesel cars. Also, pay attention to the car interior. It is made of natural and clean materials. For example, Ford uses soy foam to fill in their car seats. Also, they use recyclable materials for other car details to make their products “green” and safe for the environment.

Toyota Prius Plug-in 2010 5

If you are going to travel in business you have to pick the best and the most comfortable car for your trip. Sure enough, the car for business must be multifunctional and equipped with all modern facilities. If you want to save some money you can find a compromise variant. Try to check the car inside and outside. Sometimes, a small car of economy class looks quit big inside and comfortable for a solo trip. Traveling with colleagues, try to find a large car that can be used as a working space. Concentrate on driving but don’t forget to enjoy your trip, make stops for coffee, walk, and admiring nature! Remember, traveling in business, think of your budget, comfort, safety, multitasking, and communication.

By Eddy

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