Smallcase technology is the newest addition to the constantly evolving investment market. This is a platform designed by Smallcase Technologies, a company from Bengaluru. Seven brokerage firms that allow their customers to use the platform and find investment portfolios with similar stocks are now using it. For example, if you want to buy stocks of companies that are benefiting from ‘Smart Cities’, you can find or create a portfolio consisting of those stocks. The technology is designed to maintain themed portfolios.

How it helps you to earn money

Just like any other investment option, the smallcase technology functions on the changing prices of the stocks. However, with the platform, you have the added advantage of finding portfolios that are made with well-performing stocks. As these are themed portfolios, the stocks will be from companies that operate in similar sectors. Hence, if that particular sector is performing well, your portfolio will offer great returns.  

The equity smallcase technology also offers you great control over the portfolios. Professional researchers who study the market closely to create the best possible portfolios design them. You will have diverse choices in terms of theme. You can also find information regarding which stocks make up a particular portfolio, the stock proportions, and their current performance. You will also be able to customize the portfolios by adding and removing stocks that you do not see fit for your portfolio. You can do all these by using your existing demat and trading accounts, and invest in as many portfolios as you want.

Once you find or create a portfolio you like, you can place the buy order using the smallcase platform. All of the stocks included in the portfolio will be immediately bought. However, if any of the stocks cannot be bought instantly because of any reason, you will find a ‘repair’ option, which you can use later to buy the stocks that could not be bought in the first place. This is important to make sure that your portfolio is maintaining the initial theme.

You can also regularly rebalance your portfolio to maintain the theme. If you find that any of your companies have started to operate outside its original sector, you can remove them from the portfolio. You can also add newer stocks from other companies as long as you are maintaining the theme. This way, you can expose yourself to opportunities that are more profitable and grow your fortune. To make this even more fruitful to you, smallcase allows the users to sell their portfolios at any time. You can also sell individual stocks when needed.

This way the platform allows you to invest in your preferred stocks and earn great returns. Moreover, you can also invest in a long-term SIP and gain the opportunity to earn big through this platform.

By Eddy

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