Online browsing often seems to be insecure due to various security breaches and expanse of malware. Read more to know if you are secure online.

Security is the most crucial aspect to take care of while browsing anything online. The attackers have plenty of methods to bypass the firewalls and spread random threats in the victim’s device. So, everyone must be careful even while clicking a single link online as a single click can lead to complete control of the user’s device. In the article, we discuss how to know if you’re secure online.

Here are some of the methods to check if the online browsing is secure or not.

1. Security and Privacy check of browser

You need a safe browse for online browsing with the latest updates. We recommend you to go for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari or Opera. The reason behind the recommendation is that they push frequent updates if any loopholes are found and also provide different features for easy browsing. If you want to check the security and privacy of the browser you use, go to the official site of check my browser, and it will analyze.

2. Check if your account is compromised

You may be a victim of social engineering attacks and other attacks due to which there is a theft of credentials. Many user accounts from popular sites are exposed daily and bought by other people via the dark web. If there is an information breach, you can effortlessly check by using a popular service Have I Been Pawned. After you type the e-mail address, you can instantly detect the result.

3. A full scan of your computer

There is a high risk of viruses after unsafe browsing. We highly recommend you to scan your computer for viruses periodically. You can use any popular antivirus like AVG, Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and so on. For the best internet security and antivirus, we will recommend you in the later part. A full scan of your computer with the best antivirus can disinfect all the affected files.

Best for security: Avast Internet Security Review

Avast Internet Security provides potent and trustworthy protection from malware with the implementation of password manager and browser as well. The antivirus is very lightweight, and there is no predicament of slowing down the device while scanning. The scanning process is intense and slow, and it’s worth the wait. The pricing is also excellent, and there is a free version without a firewall.

So, the Avast Internet Security review proves that Avast has put all efforts into developing a product that is a complete value for money. It’s upon your own will on whether to buy the subscription or use the free version instead. The primary cons are it’s not available for the iOS; there are no parental and tune-up features as well as no live support.

Verdict Hence, secured online browsing must be in priority for the data safety and improved performance of online browsing. Also, the Internet Security program can help in secure browsing. If you want to find out how safe your browsing is, you can try the mentioned methods and can conclude that you are entirely secure if there are no negative results. Therefore, the proverb “Prevention is better than cure” must be implemented by installing security tools.

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