Q. What are ‘Hackathons’?

Hackathons (also known as a hack dayhackfest or codefest) are events where participants work together on a pre-defined set of problems, intensively, for a period of a few days to generate functional code that may be encapsulated into a device.

Mostly ‘hacking’ means coding, programming, software development – but there can be other creative activities involved. Although a Hackathon could be solely competitive, IntuiCompTeraScienceHackathon will be a cooperative/collaborative competition, moving towards product development using Machine Intelligence/Mathematical modelling.

Hackathons bring together network operators, researchers, designers, students, developers, testers and maybe even experts in other areas (communication experts such as journalists, analysts, activists, economist, etc.) who can also contribute through their experience and background, despite lacking in technical skills.


CODESPRINT is the most awaited special type of Hackathon where Smart Mobile Applications play a significant role right from Organizing the Event till the notification of Prize Winners. Machine Intelligence is mirrored through your smart Mobile device that augments to identify Best Candidate out of the Competitive participants globally.

Entry to AI Hackathon of ICTS is either through the installation of Mobile Application from Google Playstore or using the official website provided below.



Participant can select C/C++/Java/Python/R Coding language for this competition in which Global pre-Qualifiers will take place and winners will get awarded with exciting prizes.

Applications are necessary and open to all. Participating teams should generate referral code. Early Bird registration will end by 28-Feb-2019. Registration fees and mode of payment will be communicated after verifying the candidature using web-apk.

A committee will select the participants based on their skills, diversity and geographic spread and selected teams will get notification on 26th April 2019. Participants do not need to know a specific programming language or technology, but must use their own computer for the Hackathon and upload the solution using web-apk.

This is one of the most prestigious event where applications from US, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and other countries will be accepted employing smart devices. The objective of organizing a Pre-Qualifier AI Global Championship is to impart a Global Ranking for the candidates that measures business acumen and Coding Ability that a Data Scientist should possess.

Level-I Winner Team can introduce their mentor who should be affiliated fulltime with University during the conduct of Level-II Competition, not exceeding five members eventually.

Independent Reviews will aim to find the best Coder Team at the end of Round-2

Candidates having knowledge of Business Analytics is preferred but not mandatory. However, ICTS offers practice sessions on Business Analytics for candidates who have registered themselves using web-apk. Details of registration fees and account number will be transferred post verification of each team’s candidature.

Sponsors and Brand Ambassadors along with Organizing Committee Members’ list will be displayed on the website.

 Key Dates

Applications open Tuesday, 19 Jan 2019
Early Bird Applications close Thursday, 28 February 2019
Applications close Monday, 15April 2019
Application review Tuesday, 16 April2019 – Thursday, 25 April 2019
Selected Participant Team announced  Friday, 26 April 2019
Competition Level –I (Single Day Event)  [10:00 (UTC +8)] Saturday, 11 May  2019
*Competition Level –I Winner Announced  Sunday,  19 May  2019
Competition Level –II-Global AI Pre-Qualifiers (Team formed from Level-I Winner + 1 Mentor New Entrant (Full Time Faculty with University) [2 Week’s Event] [10:00 (UTC +8)]  Saturday,  25 May  2019   –              [10:00 (UTC +8)]  Monday, 10 June  2019
^Competition Level –II Winner Announced   Friday,  28 June 2019
Note : *Competition Level –I Winners  will  be awarded certification and Gift Hampers will be presented   Sunday, 30 June 2019
Note : *Competition Level –II Winners (1st , 2nd and 3rd position holder) teams  will  be awarded with Exciting Prizes  and will be presented with certificates of participation   Sunday, 7 July 2019

Note: ICTS Pvt Ltd reserves the right to suspend a Candidate, Team or the Entire Competition due to unforeseen circumstances, if any.

By Eddy

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