Motherhood is a blessing. The complete journey of nine months coming to a closure with the arrival of a newborn, is highly emotional and imbibes multiple feelings. Talking in practical terms, bringing in a new life adds up to immense responsibilities, where taking best possible care of the baby and the new mother is of utmost priority. There is also a huge expense associated with pregnancy, starting from initial checkups to medicines, the final hospital charges relating to delivery and postpartum treatment. Opting for maternity health insurance is a judicious choice for expecting parents as all the associated financial hassles can be smoothly taken care of.

Maternity coverage have been devised to provide financial support to expecting mothers and the newborns. Under most available policy options, maternity coverage is provided as an add-on with normal health insurances. Alternatively, corporate sectors also provide maternity coverage with Group Health insurance policies to their female counterparts. Coverage includes pregnancy-related costs, check-ups, medications, tests, delivery charges and any unforeseen circumstances. However, before buying a health insurance policy, customers should be well aware of the concept of ‘Minimum Waiting Period’. Generally, insurance policies have a clause of waiting period of 2-5 years, from the commencement of the policy. Hence, policies should be bought well in advance to avail the maternity benefit. The instruction manual citing the terms and condition of the policy should also be thoroughly read and analyzed prior to opting for it.

Maternity health cover provides financial coverage for delivery, be it normal or caesarean and also takes care of pre-natal and postpartum expenses. The policy also includes coverage for the new born, which covers vaccination costs for the initial days.

Family floater health insurance is a “Family Plus” plan which offers a complete health coverage package at very reasonable prices. Family Plus cover has a range of unique attributes which has attracted interest and beneficial to clients. Family Plus is designed especially for joint families having a large member count and covers up to 19 relationships of the insured. This plan offers a feature where the insured has a separate individual fund for him set apart from the additional floater sum and reload benefit which any other family member can utilize under medical emergency conditions. The key features of the Family Plus plan are as follows: –

  • Coverage for 19 different relationships in the same policy.
  • Maternity benefit with Nutritional Allowance Benefit.
  • Individual + Floater sum insured.
  • There is no maximum age limit for the beneficiary. Minimum age for the applicant should be 18 years, whereas children above 91 days only can be insured.

Hence, family floater and maternity covered health insurance policies provide financial security for all the family members, especially for the expecting mother and the newborn. Such plans take care of all the financial hassles under conditions of emergency, so that family members can provide adequate support to their loved ones in need. It is always advisable to buy a maternity health insurance policy to keep the mother and the newborn healthy, happy, safe and financially stable.

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