Must-Have Insurance Add-Ons for Sports Bike Buyers

Buying a sports bike is every hardcore biker’s dream. It is not only important to fulfill one’s dreams but also to protect them. You can protect your sports bike financially in a better manner if you buy bike insurance online.

Buying bike insurance online is very easy and the process can be completed very quickly. To buy bike insurance online, simply visit your insurer’s website, enter your details, select a plan and proceed to make the payment. An important step is to select Add-ons. In this article, we will discuss the most suitable add-ons for your sports bike:

Must-Have Insurance Add-Ons for Sports Bike Buyers

Accessories Cover

As your sports bike will need a bunch of accessories, having financial protection over them is a very good idea. To get coverage for your sports bike accessories and electrical & non-electrical parts, you need to buy this cover. With some more premium, you’ll be able to get the expenses on replacement or repair of your bike accessories lined.

Zero Depreciation Cover

When a two-wheeler rider meets with an accident, the expenses to switch the broken components cannot be totally recovered because of the depreciation price applied to them. A zero-depreciation add-on is often important in such cases because it can make your insurer pay the full claim amount. The Zero Dep cover can give coverage for the repair and replacement of rubber, plastic or fiber parts of a vehicle. This add-on is often priced with a bit of additional premium.

Roadside Assistance Cover

Imagine a state where you are on a trip in areas far from a petroleum pump or a repair garage and your vehicle breaks down. A roadside assistance cover could get you the required help in such difficult times. With this add-on, you’ll be able to get your two-wheeler repaired or maintained if you’re stuck in a very deserted place and can’t ask for help to anyone, in short, if you are stuck in a remote area. This cover provides facilities like on-road repairs, fuel refill, lost key replacement, help in changing flat tires, etc.

Pillion Rider Accident Add-on

Two-wheelers accidents will typically affect the lifetime of the rider, especially to the person seated on the pillion of the bike. In several instances, two-wheeler accidents cause serious physical injuries to the rider and co-passenger and would possibly even prove to be major. A pillion rider add-on is often terribly useful in seeking compensation for the medical expenses of the pillion rider in case of accidents.

NCB Protect

On an average, a bike owner will file a claim against the policy at least two or three times in the life-span of the bike. Keeping this in mind, it is safe to say that a large number of individuals file insurance claims at least once a year. However, as soon as a claim is raised against the bike insurance policy, the policyholder will lose on the No Claim Discount. A no claim bonus is a reward that your insurer offers for not raising a claim in the previous policy period. An NCB protect add-on will make sure that you get discounts on your bike insurance policy premiums even after raising a claim.

Daily Allowance Cover

With daily money allowance add-on, you’ll be able to get per day allowance if your vehicle remains with the garage for a few days. The add-on essentially covers your daily commute when your vehicle isn’t accessible to you to be used. This add-on would be particularly helpful in situations where you own a bike like KTM and use it to commute to a specific destination.

Note that add-ons are not available with a third party bike insurance policy. This is why it is said that sufficient coverage is not available if you buy a third party bike insurance policy.


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