Starting your own e-commerce company can be a hell of a task. Of course, not only do you need experience but you also need a lot of luck and grit. This is where the following starter shops for sale come into the picture. Not only is this for people who don’t know the ABCs of starting their own e-commerce- it is also for those who have tried but either failed or couldn’t keep up with the starting costs.

Now, before we get too particular, let’s have a look at what starter stores are and what they even have to offer to you as a prospective dropshipping business owner.

What are Starter Stores?

Essentially, an e-commerce store that has minimal revenue- but everything else needed to make the revenue flow ready. This means marketing, branding, selection of products, list of dedicated and hired suppliers, and a web page complete and ready for grabs. The best of the deal is the price. Although you’ll find many businesses dedicated to selling starter stores, you’ll find the best prices and the best packages undoubtedly at one location- Exchange Marketplace (

Now, there are many benefits of buying starter shops for sale when it comes to e-commerce. But if you still need a concrete list of reasons- here are a few good ones.

  • Profits and sales start as soon as you buy the starter store. This means there’s really no time you’ll waste in making back how much ever you might have spent on the purchase to begin with. And with Exchange Marketplace prices- you won’t be spending more than 500 USD at most.
  • Less risk for more reward is a huge benefit here. Think about it- as a buyer of a new business, you aren’t falling back on any loans for the set up or have to worry about finding suppliers and getting the business of the ground. This is the most risk free way of having a business.

Starter Shops For Sale!

Here is the breakdown for two e-commerce stores ready and up for grabs at unbeatable prices on Exchange Marketplace.

  1. Monody

Vitamins are the new age herbal meds and that’s what Monody sells. Vitamin and other supplements sourced from reliable and stable vendors. The website is a sight to behold- and focuses on dissipating as much information from experts as possible- making customers aware of what they’re buying.

This is one of the best bets out there priced at 500 USD- since the supplement market is booming. Walk into it with the right inventory and tools- and you’ll have a headstart that will soon turn big numbers.

The main focus for a new potential owner would be a larger advertising budget. To assist with this, the previous owner has also made research on demographics available. Another edge the new owner would have is the pre-existing social media outlets of the brand.

When you purchase this, you’ll get everything besides the suppliers- policies, existing products, all logo and brand assets, domain, and even social media. Further, no additional skills are needed to run this business- basic Google ads knowledge should be plenty and you’ll invest more or less 3 hours a week.

2. Monsterfone

Starting at 350 USD, this is a one of a kind store- a dropshipping phone case/cover store. It was started with the intention to give those who love their phone a real shot at expressing themselves through an investment while also keeping their smartphones safe and sound. An interesting point of focus for a potential new owner is that the only reason this store is up for grabs, is because the previous owner has two other businesses that need immediate attention.

Right now, what the business needs is more exposure through Google or other social media ads.  The new owner can also being in her/his design ideas to the table and greatly expand them- while also using the designs made available already.

In the purchase of this starter store, you will get everything you could possibly need. Two things stand out- a .com domain name (guaranteed to be a marketable one) and up to one week of support post purchase from the original owner. You get full access to all brand elements, product photos, suppliers even, and of course, social media.

You’ll be investing about 10 hours a week in this business and the main points of focus is basically only outreach- which is only a matter of time. If you come with basic knowledge of dropshipping, you’re already more than equipped.

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