Stone is one of the world’s oldest building materials, and it’s still the go-to choice for many contractors today. There are several reasons to consider using stone if you’re currently exploring options for building a new home or remodeling an existing one. Here are ten reasons to consider using stone for your building project.

1.) Natural Stone is Beautiful

Stone homes are beautiful. The very nature of stone also means that no two stone homes will be exactly the same. Every stone is different from the others used. The grain, color, and size will always be unique. Natural Stone Suppliers work with clients to choose the best stone for a specific project

2.) Stone is Durable

Stone buildings last for years. They are not subject to rotting, pests, or normal weather conditions. Just look at the world’s greatest architectural treasures. The vast majority of them were built using stone.

3.) Using Natural Stone is Ecologically Sound

While stone must be quarried, it requires no additional manufacturing processes to make it usable. That reduces the need for fossil fuels. Stone can also be disposed of or reused safely, minimizing the impact on the environment. If you’re concerned about the environment, consider using stone for your building project.

4.) Stone Ages Well

Most building materials deteriorate significantly within a few years. Stone, on the other hand, withstands the ravages of Mother Nature for centuries. Stone structures look wonderful regardless of their age.

5.) Stone Supports Great Weights

Stone doesn’t compress, which means it’s able to support far more weight than many other building materials. That means the need for some other structural components may be reduced.

6.) Stone Adds Thermal Mass to a Building

Heating and cooling a building is always important. Stone increases the thermal mass of a structure, making it easier to maintain interior temperatures. Your home will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

7.) Reduce Maintenance When Using Stone

Owners of stone structures note those buildings need less maintenance than other buildings. Minimal maintenance is required, with regular cleaning being the biggest issue for many owners. Use your time for enjoyable activities rather than focusing on home maintenance.

8.) Using Natural Stone Adds Dimension to a Building

Design professionals love stone because it adds shadows and depth to the look of a building. That increases a building’s character and charm.

9.) Natural Stone if Fireproof

Fire is always a threat, especially for properties in areas prone to wildfires. Owners can sleep easy knowing their home’s exterior is fireproof. If you’re concerned about reducing the chances of a home fire, consider natural stone.

10.) Using Natural Stone is Cost-Effective

Constructing a new home using stone will entail a substantial initial investment, but that investment is offset by the reduced costs over the life of the building. A contractor will gladly explain how stone saves money over the years.

Get Your Questions Answered

If you’re ready to start planning your new home, now is the time to contact a natural stone expert for advice. Using stone impacts many of the materials choices you’ll have to make during the planning stages. Rather than risking unnecessary expenses, take the time to make sure every aspect of your new home will blend seamlessly with the natural stone you’re using. Even landscaping choices will enhance the look of the beautiful natural stone selected for your home.

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