We spend a large portion of our lives in achieving our career goals. Therefore, it is very important to make the right decision about our career goals. Career planning motivates us to achieve our targets and dreams. We should be very cautious while choosing our career, which is the basic purpose of our life. Once it is selected, we should strive hard to make it successful. Today we will shade some light on a very important topic as discussed on Huffpost blog which is very useful to provide you some glimpse of common mistakes that you should avoid for a successful career. 

Not discovering yourself

We have seen that a lot of people has in their own life a model to follow. They not try to be who they really are but want to be someone that are not them. The unfortunate part is that people don’t feel their happiness for what they are doing. You need to identify what are your biggest rational wishes. You can only imagine yourself being part of the happiness future if you start working on your own model and make yourself happy every time.

Stop learning

Man is always in the process of learning even if he is qualified with major degrees. This instinct should not be stopped even if he at the peak of his career or doing any job. One major mistake we commonly commit while doing a job is, when we see things going on smoothly, we get relaxed and don’t feel the need to shake things up when our boss seems pleased with our performance? We are absolutely wrong in our perception and need to need our strategy to avoid our risk in our career life. We should always be aware of all the latest trends in our field so that our skills remain as sharp as ever. 

Following your friend’s career vision

We cannot deny the fact that every individual has a different life goal and career vision. It is not necessary that the career your friend chooses and progresses would result in the same way for you. This could be one of the basic mistakes that can astray you away from the successful path of your career. Taking advice from your friends and colleagues may help but not following them blindly. 

Playing the blame games

There are always failures and successes involved in every project of a company. One of the best ways to look at the projects, before it becomes operational, is to discuss its pros and cons with your team and enlist what could go wrong. The worst thing in this regard is playing the blame game. This may not only ruin your office rapport but your colleagues may develop a grudge against you. This may risk your job stability

Ignoring the emotional intelligence of your team

It is suggested that the success of a person depends only 25% on qualifications and intelligence while the rest is made up of people’s empathy and techniques that make up the core of emotional intelligence.

Understanding the feelings, thoughts, and emotions of your team to create a positive environment is essential. If you are a manager or team member, you should expertise in emotional intelligence to step up strongly in your successful career

Not taking risks

There is victory waiting for you if you overcome your fears and take risks. If you don’t take risks in your career with fear that you might not lose what you own today, it would not let you become successful in your career. Though we have always been hearing that” Slow and steady wins the race”, this, unfortunately, is not applicable for one who wants to climb the ladder of success. Being unconventional sometimes may reward you a lifetime achievement.

As a matter of fact, the choice of a career is one thing, and making it successful is another thing and both notions demand your rational career planning. The success of your career needs your vigilant and subtle approach. You cannot ignore to plan for your career since yours and your family life depend greatly upon it. Once you understand the skill to overcome general mistakes during career progress, you will one day become the most successful person in your career.

By Eddy

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