When managing your own website as an individual, or even as a business, nailing the basics of search engine optimization can really help improve your site’s chances of ranking on Google or other search engines, but here’s the thing: the basics can only get you so far. The problem is, the majority of people creating websites and blogs and ecommerce sites are implementing the basics too, meaning that although your website may be better than some of the worst online, there’s still a high number of people in your market, with websites equal to, or even better than, yours in quality. This means that although you’ve put in some serious work into your online presence, you may still be getting lost in the crowd. 

But fear not, as there’re plenty of SEO techniques and methods that you can do that others aren’t, to slowly but surely help you climb the ranking ladder, all of which shouldn’t be too difficult to get your head around if you’re already familiar with the basics. This isn’t an extensive list of SEO tactics, but here are 3 of the top advanced SEO techniques you should try. 

1. Find Untapped Keywords

The key feature of good SEO is using good keywords in the title, Meta description, and content of a webpage to help it rank on search engines for that specific term. Finding the right keyword is difficult – if it’s too broad, then your site will appear alongside thousands of related ones, and if it’s too specific, you’ll limit your audience as fewer people will be searching those. There are two good ways to find untapped and potentially lucrative keywords: 

The first is to look at message boards and community-driven websites, such as Reddit, and find a thread that relates to your niche or market. On that thread, look for repeating terms and phrases that keep popping up because if they feature a lot here, then it’s likely that it’s getting searched a lot as well. 

Another option is to use SEO keyword software that searches the internet and presents to you some of the most searched and highest potential keywords. This software can be pretty expensive, but it is a great tool utilized by many digital marketing agencies to boost a business’s online presence. In fact, all these advanced techniques will be used by marketing agencies, especially by this inbound b2b marketing agency in Phoenix, AZ.

2. Update and Upgrade Old Posts

Instead of using a lot of resources to research, write and then publish a brand-new article for your website, an excellent advanced technique is to update and optimize older posts, to give them a new lease of life. The best way to do this is to add something current, like a brand new case study or more up-to-date information. This will make it relevant and much more appealing for people to visit. Make sure to re-promote it on social media and in your email newsletters so that it gets more attention the second time around. Recycling old content is a great way to boost your SEO.

3. Copy AdWords Ads 

This is a really sneaky SEO trick that can really help boost your ranking and click-through-rate. The adverts you see at the top of a Google search have great examples of brilliant titles and Meta descriptions because they’ve been researched so heavily to help determine what phrases attract more clicks. These advertisers have done all the hard work for you, doing countless split tests to see what works, all you have to do is add some of the keywords and phrases they use to help give your articles and titles a boost. 

By Eddy

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