For most businesses, there’s going to be customers or clients coming into your business space at one point or another. For retail businesses or client-facing offices, this is likely happening every day. But with more traditional offices, you may only see clients or customers occasionally.

Regardless of the frequency you’re getting visits from your clients or customers, you want to ensure that you have a space where your visitors will be able to see the legitimacy of your business while also feeling like this is a place where they want to do business with your company.

To help you accomplish both of these goals, here are three tips for creating a welcoming business space.

Go Beyond Stock Photos

Any business space needs to have more than just blank walls and office equipment. However, to really make your space unique and welcoming, you need to go beyond simply using stock photos.

According to Jessica Stillman, a contributor to, using stock or corporate photos can make your business space appear too clinical. To combat this, try using art and photography that’s more personalized to you. This could include anything from photos you’ve had commissioned to interior graphics that really speak to your company and brand. Not only will this make your space look better, but it will also give a more distinct feel to your establishment.

Give A Friendly Greeting

Aside from what people see as soon as they come into your business space, you also need to think about how they’re greeted by your staff upon their arrival.

According to Mitchell York, a contributor to The Balance Small Business, your reception staff are some of the most important people in your office. Because of this, you want to be sure that you’ve trained these employees to be attentive and friendly to everyone who walks through your doors. This should include greeting everyone in a welcoming manner and eliminating distractions like personal cell phones.

Think In Terms Of Ambience 

In addition to the physical things that people see once they come into your business space, you may also want to bring out certain feelings in someone simply by being in your establishment.

To do this, USA Today advises that you start thinking in terms of ambiance. To set the right ambience, consider things like lighting, scents, music, color schemes, cleanliness, and more. All of these things put together help to create the ambiance of your space. And if any one of these things is missing or feels out of place, the whole ambiance of your work area can be negatively affected.

If you want everyone who visits your place of business to feel welcome, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you accomplish this.

By Eddy

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