Instagram is the fastest growing social networking platform, and without any doubt, it currently has the highest number of active users on a global scale. Oddly enough, what started as a social networking and image sharing platform has gone beyond that and become a global marketing giant for fashion, music, cooking, fitness, and various other concerns. 

Why does Instagram work better than the rest?

The reason for which Instagram has become this exceptional tool for marketing is in part due to the simplicity of the platform. Even pictures snapped through phones can be beautified and made to meet the current online world standard through available tools and filters on the platform itself. This is why Instagram is being favored not only by the independent content creators but also by the global brands, leading entrepreneurs, as well as big-business concerns. 

Quite similar to Instagram, WordPress is another tool that is used by content creators and bloggers to further their business goals and increase visibility for a better global reach and recognition. So, wouldn’t it be great to have an integrative feature for the two platforms to maximize the marketing capabilities? 

The truth is that numerous WordPress plugins allow you to integrate your Insta page with your blog page. This makes for a better ad campaign and is visually engaging to your followers. 

The reasons for the integration if you’re not buying Instagram comments

Now, the natural query is if both the platforms are doing well by their own right and popularity, why integrate the two?

Keep in mind that Instagram photos are often more vibrant and, therefore, thought-provoking than regular website photos. This, in turn, adds a touch of excitement to the brand or the image you are trying to portray.

Moreover, with WordPress plugins for Instagram, you can also moderate the content in various sites. This means you don’t really need to leave your WordPress blog site to view and respond to the comments and other user/follower generated interaction on your posts. This is the best way when you are looking to push user-generated content for your Instagram page. All you need to do is link the content, and the images will be automatically sent to the feed of the customers and users all around the world. 

Most expert content creators use this trick to get things done as far as the business side of the things is concerned. Keep in mind that when Instagram posts are linked to your official site or WordPress blog, then the users will stick around the page for a long time checking out the images and photos you posted which will, in turn, increase the user engagement to the extent of generating actual sales from the leads. 

It is for everyone

Even if you are a modest concern, a freelance content producer, or a global brand, there are several advantages of integrating WordPress with Instagram. High-quality images and engaged followers will, in turn, boost your social and marketing strategies for years to come. 

When it comes to plugins for the integration, a quick internet search will reveal that there are thousands available, and the trick is to choose the right one. In the following section, we have carefully selected a few based on the advantages they offer. So, without further ado, let us have a look. 

WP Instagram Widget

You don’t have to download anything for using this one, and most of the stylings are already included with the starter pack. The advantages include the following.

  • No presets, so you can customize whichever way you want.
  • Lightweight, therefore, keeps your website clean and clutter-free.
  • This is a free plugin.
  • The primary function is that of a widget, so it is easy to use.
  • You don’t need to connect to the Insta API, as a simple log-in will suffice.

Feed Them Social

This is one of the best plugins out there today, and the benefits include the following.

  • It is free, and the paid version is extremely affordable.
  • You can pull pictures from any hosting site.
  • Extremely responsive across devices and OS platforms.
  • A handy shortcode generator keeps everything tidy.
  • Infinite scrolling option lets the user scroll through your entire Instagram feed, thereby increasing the engagement metric for your site.

Instagram Slider Widget

The slider widget is extremely handy as this allows the shrinking of images so that the feed comes up on every domain page as well as the user can see all the images or a set collection when they are browsing the website. The various advantages of using Instagram Slider are listed as follows.

  • It is entirely free with no upgrades or paid premium versions.
  • You can customize a niche feed with small sliders and widgets.
  • You don’t need to connect to the Instagram API.
  • You can link galleries and other features or any external URL by merely copy-pasting the hyperlink along with the post.

For a greater reach, you can buy Instagram comments and followers through a third-party firm. Maximize your profits and options through WordPress Instagram, integrating plugins, and widgets today.

By Eddy

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