If you dream of becoming a successful e-commerce business owner, the best advice that you can apply is knowing how to provide a memorable experience for each and every single visitor which you convert to a buyer. We outline how you can guarantee your customers will have a great time from the time they commit to buying online to the time they receive your product, and how to get them to share your content while they are at it.

Offer Quick and Affordable Delivery of Goods

Customers who purchase from online stores have high expectations when it comes to getting their goods delivered. A fabulous good’s delivery service such as Columbus Couriers will ensure that your customers get their product delivered to them untouched, within time, and at a reasonable cost. You, the entrepreneur, can offer more value than other online stores by calculating just how much discount you can offer on delivery according to purchase prices. Customers that are situated worldwide will incur shipping costs and are a different story altogether. An appealing offer regarding individual shipping costs could convert a visitor to a buyer in this regard.

Have a User-Friendly Webstore

Smartphones and tablets are trailblazers in the sense that they are taking a massive chunk of the statistics that prove which devices are being used to shop online. The modern-day of the smartphone has enabled anyone anywhere to have the power to complete a purchase through an online e-commerce conveniently. But let us agree that there is nothing more frustrating than a confusing user-interface when you are trying to simply log in to your online profile, let alone try to purchase something that is of interest? 

Software engineers and web developers have the respective task of allowing the gravitation of their role leaning closer and closer to addressing concerns around the user interface of any piece of software, application or website that they design and build because of this fact. 

From any angle that you look at it, hiring or employing your iterative team to build beautiful user-interfaces is a considerable investment. Having a once-off $50 website created by your aunt’s dad’s great uncle’s niece just won’t cut it these days anymore.

Offer Rewards for Social Media Sharing

Social Media sharing becomes a possibility if you see that you have a website that allows the visitor to share your content onto various social media platforms as well as email (not everyone has a twitter and Instagram account, believe it or not). And even better than a website that allows for this kind of functionality, is a mobile app that can cater for the same social media sharing.

Perhaps a good example of how to reward visitors who share your profile/page on social media is free merchandise or a voucher for their next purchase? Get creative with your ideas but remember that people love free things and usually always have the mindset that it is ‘but what’s in it for me?’.

By Eddy

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