Holographic stickers are highly versatile and offer a cost-effective way to authenticate, protect, and promote products. Since they are difficult to replicate, highly customizable, and valid, they are used by several businesses across the world.

Holographic vinyl comes in a variety of metalized backed films, and you need to be careful when designing your stickers. Here we have shared some effective tips for choosing holographic stickers for your business.

Selecting the Right Types

Vinyl in Holographic imaging comes in a wide range of patterns, which include Fantasy Films, Fluorescent Vinyl, Metallic/Ultra Metallic Vinyl, Specialty Vinyl, Pattern Vinyl, and Glitter and Shimmer vinyl.

Each Vinyl pattern has specific applications, and selecting the right holographic vinyl pattern is crucial to get the correct vinyl stickers for your business.

If the holographic sticker is applied to compound curves or rivets, you need to avoid metallic or ultra-metallic vinyl sheets. The metallic element in the vinyl makes them less conformable to such applications.

Also, metallic or ultra-metallic vinyl is not recommended for holographic stickers with marine applications. The metallic element in the vinyl can corrode by contact with moisture leading to early withering or degeneration.

Personalizing Holographic Stickers

If you’re using hologram stickers for brand protection, you need to consider personalized holographic stickers. Such stickers are unique to the brand and hard to replicate.

To make your holographic stickers unique, you can add special dyes, also known as tagged foils, to your holographic stickers, which can be identified with a specialized reader.

Adding Anti-Tamper Security Features

There is always a possibility of the hologram sticker removed. You can get tamper-proof holographic stickers that are designed to highlight any attempts of sticker removal or tampering. There are several designs available in tamper-proof holographic vinyl stickers.

  • When the sticker is peeled off, it leaves a honeycomb design that helps you identify tampering attempts
  • The holographic sticker disintegrates when anyone tries to peel it off your product
  • When the sticker is peeled off, a secondary layer is revealed, which helps you identify tampering or removal attempts

Moisture and UV Protection

A holographic sticker generally has 2-3 years of life. The environmental elements like water and UV rays can corrode the Holographic Vinyl stickers faster. Hence, you need to consider applying a UV coat or seal the holographic sticker with a layer of transparent vinyl. It will extend the life of the holographic sticker.

The waterproof, holographic stickers include an extra permanent adhesive that keeps the label in its place even in wet areas.

Rainbow Holographic Stickers

If you’re planning to use holographic vinyl stickers for promotion, rainbow metallic vinyl is your best option. The rainbow metallic vinyl has low shrinkage and better color stability. The rainbow holographic stickers have a durability of 5 years or more in outdoor applications.

The holographic vinyl stickers can be used for any purpose that includes spicing up your company logo or easy identification of genuine products. The tips given above focus on essential aspects of hologram stickers and helps you create holographic stickers that serve the purpose and last longer.

By Eddy

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