Many new companies are sprouting up annually—from beauty stores, fashion outlets, and even chemical manufacturers. Although many business owners are confident with their management skills, handling finances is one area most are not so savvy with. This is why many companies end up outsourcing their tax and bookkeeping operations, which provides an excellent opportunity for accountants.

However, to launch an accounting firm successfully, it’s vital to have plenty of business savvy. It’s not just about knowing the numbers—more factors have to be considered as well. That being said, the following tips will help you run an accounting firm successfully.

Maintain a safe online presence.

Any firm that wants to succeed should consider going digital. The world has become a lot more advanced than it was two decades ago, which means people are looking for more seamless options to do business. While having a physical office is very important, most business deals and operations can be carried out online. That’s why the world’s most successful accounting firms have an official website.


Your website should have an easy-to-follow structure and be easily accessible. It wouldn’t be wise to neglect the site’s functionality and usability, but before you start working on the website’s detailed design, it’s crucial to think about your site’s safety first. This means you should consider purchasing a reliable IP address (or several IP addresses) from a reputable host company. This will also ensure that the website you’re using is freed of old DNS entries used before the time of its purchase. If you’re still looking for a website, then consider entering IPv4 auctions on sites like IPv4 Connect. This is a trusted marketplace for buying and selling IPv4 fully managed transfers in ARIN, RIPE, or APNIC.

IPv4 Connect provides a reliable online platform where the seller and buyer can either buy previously owned and properly cleaned IP address blocks as well as sell the blocks that are no longer in use. They do this by working with trusted IPv4 address block owners and various internet registries in order to ensure the address space is legally registered and free of any prior claims. Interested buyers simply have to browse through the IP address marketplace and choose from a wide selection of affordable IPv4 subnets. Taking advantage of such opportunities could save costs and prevent smart business owners from purchasing blacklisted IP addresses, and keep your website safe from potential cybercrime.

Take care of your clients.

Customer service goes beyond a friendly face—after attracting new customers, you have to make them feel valued. Once you have a well-designed website running, it’s time to think about promotional ideas to keep clients coming back. Such promotions will target not only clients but also new partners and other prospective relationships. This means putting more effort into creating content and ads about the services you provide.


Also, if you have an office, you’ll want to ensure it’s customer-friendly. Remember, you’ll likely have customers visiting you in person, so a good coffee service will come in handy. To ensure you’re well stocked up, consider working with a coffee delivery service like the one offered by Canadian Springs. This way, you’ll never be short of beverages. They have a great assortment of coffees, teas, cups, water, creamers, sweeteners, and other vital beverage equipment (like water coolers) for both clients and staff. You can purchase goods from their online shop or complete the form for a quote if you’re after a personalized service.

Stock up on necessary supplies.

We’ve talked about the importance of customer service—now we’ll look at how professionalism counts for a great employee experience. Looking professional and putting forward well-organized content is essential for any business, but especially for startup accounting firms. Building an environment tailored to your audience’s needs could be as simple as getting the right tax form envelopes. When processing a W-2 form or other tax forms, you want them to look first rate—double window envelope and all. Uniform and professional office supplies will give the firm a good look, and it’s a good strategic approach when trying to create a good profile.


As mentioned above, most companies look to accounting firms to take care of their tax and bookkeeping operations. Stocking up on branded and high-quality w2 envelopes will deliver that classy and professional look your firm needs. Sites like the Mines Press supplies such double window envelopes to accounting firms that need tax envelopes that are versatile, professional, and IRS-approved.

They offer a selection of 1099-misc and W-2 envelopes that are designed to guarantee optimal security and efficiency. For other envelope, media and printing needs, like high-end printing, resources, templates, graphic design, proof-reading, or finishing and binding, Mines Press offers equally great quality and affordable prices.

Market your firm properly.

At the initial stage, think about the unique business techniques you would like to employ when concerning marketing. Of course, as mentioned above, a website is vital. However, to stand out, you’ll have to go beyond that. By creating a strong presence on digital platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the likes, your company will be on its way to competing with the bigger accounting firms.


It’s also a good idea to consider the business environment your firm wants to be known for and the kind of clients you would like to attract. In addition, thinking about strategic means of making a profit is equally essential here. This includes how much services rendered by the firm will cost and how that’ll impact its growth in the long run.

Achieve your primary goals first.

Anyone with ideas and some capital can start up a business. However, it takes a good plan to make a difference. Having a concrete, innovative, and clear idea of what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, is important. Setting initial goals, and achieving them step by step will ensure you’re on the steady path to success.


For a clearer vision, it’s beneficial to keep your written goals somewhere visible. This way, you can measure how much progress has been made. You’ll also be aware of the goals that are yet to be reached, and make necessary adjustments along the line. More goals could be set to keep in line with business changes, new objectives, or new things you have learned about the market.

Study your target audience.

Your target audience will affect the way your firm’s image and operation—from branding to web design. It’s essential to be strategic when deciding what’s right for who and what kind of relations to establish with each client, especially when it comes to digital marketing. That means just being pleasant and professional won’t cut it. Good research on your target audience will help shape the firm’s relations to meet the clientele’s needs.


For example, when designing your website, the feel should be inviting and welcoming. It shouldn’t be too complex to navigate, depending on the audience. If you’re targeting entrepreneurs who have little knowledge of the field of accounting or bookkeeping, then your relations should be more basic and easier to understand. Make it clear what you, the seller, are offering and how the customer can reach out for more information.

Use the right software and tools.


Doing things the traditional way will only get you so far. Instead, investing in reliable software will undoubtedly help scale the business. There are so many options to choose from. One just has to look for the software that best serves the company’s needs. These software options allow the firm to store all vital data on the cloud for easy and protected access.

Outsource excess work.


Those first few months can be tasking, and you’ll soon discover that doing it alone is quite energy-zapping. Rather than squeezing out all that intellectual juice or cracking your head on each operation, the best option is to outsource. Look for regional or even international companies that could either serve as mentors or liaisons. That way, the entire team can preserve their energy and focus on driving sales and other vital operations.

By Eddy

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