Are you planning to immigrate to a new country? Immigration can bring in a lot of excitement but getting a green signal on your immigration application is not easy. The process can be complicated and may make you anxious while doing it all alone. Thus arises the need for hiring an immigration lawyer who can help you overcome all the hassles of the immigration process and make things easier for you. But wait! You cannot hire any Tom, and Harry for such a crucial thing.  You need to get an expert who can handle your work with excellence. You can either contact reputed law firms or you can try to contact individual immigration lawyers to see who fits best into your requirements.

So here are a few questions that you can ask your immigration lawyer before placing your trust on them:

  1.      Practice dedicated to immigration cases

Do not shy off from asking your Austin immigration lawyer the number of cases that he/ she may have practiced in immigration. Holding a name board engraved with ‘immigration lawyer’ doesn’t mean that they primarily focus on immigration cases. Thus you need to know the experience that your immigration lawyer has to ensure whether he/she will be able to cater to your situation with excellence.

  1.      Past outcomes

Immigration lawyers’ track records can prove to be an alarm call to help you judge whether they can handle your case in the right way. Their history of handling previous cases similar to yours and their outcomes can be an indicator to predict your outcome. It will further help in deciding whether you should shake hands with them for your consultation.

  1.      Strategies

Once you have finalized on an immigration lawyer and have explained your case in detail, you need to ask them about the strategies they will implement for your case. You may not have sound knowledge about all the legal matters, but you should have a slight idea about the plan of action that they will exercise while handling your case. Also, ensure that the attorney can adhere to the timelines and implement the strategies ensuring defined deliverables.

  1.      Success rate

Now the success rate is something that depends on the final verdict. But you can at least ask them about your chances of achieving success in your case. An attorney should be realistic and integrated with their approach and should give you a clear idea about your case rather than hitting around the bushes. Many are out there with the notion of making money. So make sure that you do not seal the deal with any such person.  Judge them by their honesty by seeking their opinion about the success percentage.  

5. Credentials

Apart from all the above-mentioned questions, you should also be aware of the law school from where your attorney has graduated. They should have a working license and should hold a good standing in the provincial bar association to ensure their credibility aspects.


Yes, there are a bunch of many other questions that you may ask your attorney to make up your mind on which immigration lawyer to choose. But these questions can surely help you to gear up in the right direction.  So do not rush with the hiring process and be in the right frame of mind while choosing them so that you invest your money in the right person.

By Eddy

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