The workplace can be a troublesome place, no matter who you are. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard about some sort of harassment in an office or other working environments, and this kind of thing needs to be cut out.

Unfortunately, however, there will always be people out there who like causing these kinds of problems and before we can stop them, we need a more short term fix. That’s why there an employment solicitor out there- these are people who are specifically trained to help you with whatever kind of troubles you’re going through at work. However, finding a good firm to work with is easier said than done. However, that’s why I’m here today. Here’s my opinion on what good employment solicitors should offer.

When you’re going through the process of looking for Employment Lawyers, there are a variety of things you should be looking for. For starters, I would recommend making sure that they have good customer service at whichever firm you choose to work with. Employment issues in and around the workplace can be a very sensitive subject to discuss even with people you are close to, so the last thing you want is for the lawyers you are working with to be grumpy people with no interest in how you’re actually feeling. If this is the case, chances are you’ll be left feeling in the dark over a lot of things and you might end up feeling worse even if you do end up winning your case. You need to do some research and read some reviews to try and find out who the nicest lawyers are- this is really important when it comes to workplace cases and it’ll ensure you feel better about the whole thing.

The actual ability of the solicitors you choose is really important, as well. It’s all well and good being a bunch of nice people, but at the end of the day, you’re pleading your case because you want to win it and for that to happen you need highly qualified lawyers at your disposal. There are a lot of firms out there to choose from and some are better than others, but I still don’t think it’s wise to immediately choose the highest-ranked law firm you come across. Instead, I think you should focus on finding a firm that specializes in employment cases. This will ensure they are real experts with whatever your case is and it’ll give them a much better chance of winning it for you. There are plenty of firms out there who focus on employment issues so have a look for them.

I would also try to make sure that the firm you choose has a nice, easy-to-use website. There’s nothing worse than trying to find out some valuable legal information and you can’t even find it on the website. Everything should be laid out in a simple manner, contact details should be easy to find and there could even be a live chat option. A good website will usually mean a well-organized law firm with good customer service.

By Chakraborty

Dr Chakrabarty is the Chief Innovation Officer of IntuiComp TeraScience. Earlier she was Assistant Professor of Delhi University, a QS ranked university in India. Before that she has held research positions in IIT Mumbai, IIT Chennai and IISc Bangalore. She holds 2 patents and over 20 research publications in her name which are highly cited. Her area of research is in smart technologies, integrated devices and communications. She also has a penchant for blogging and is an editor of Business Fundas.