We are living in an era of the internet. With the internet, technology comes by default.

Technology is such a creative space where with each passing minute something is launched and another is being updated. PWA is one of them.

What Is Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive web apps conveniently termed as PWA were launched by Google in 2015. In layman terms, we can say it is a technology that facilitates two in one work.

Progressive web applications use the latest technology. It is a website which when needed can be treated as an app.

It combines web and mobile apps. It is a website but appears to the user like an app. It is a user-friendly technology.

Basically, PWA can be defined as a website that mimics applications. PWA is progressive, responsive, linkable, discoverable, and app-like. All these features make it convenient to use. We will see the above features in detail.

  • Progressive
  • Responsive
  • Linkable
  • Discoverable


As the term suggests it should be a next-gen app. It overcomes issues that inhibit users from using these apps.

The main issue is the lack of reach to less connectivity regions. It is designed in a way that makes it usable everywhere as well as offline.

It runs on almost all devices. It is quick to load content and works in all operating systems. Hence, all its features make it a progressive app.


Responsive indicates easy feasibility on any form of device, browser, or server.


It provides a link to install on a home screen. This makes it easy to share. Its URL is enough to make PWA function as an app and share it to your friends. It usually ranks on search engines.


Progressive web apps can be discovered anywhere and everywhere. From high-speed network to low network areas you can operate it. You can discover on any website, on any device irrespective of its type.

Does PWA upscale User Experience?

A User always looks forward to something easy to use. It should save time and should be available as per the convenience.

With increasing technology, expectations have increased. We don’t want to wait for an app to install further and give a few minutes to grant several permissions. So, Google came up with PWA.

PWA is frequently termed as user-friendly, now we will find out reasons behind it.

  • Ease To Use
  • Offline Usage
  • Save Your Storage
  • Fast Surfing

Ease To Use

PWA app development company has designed it in a specific way. Unlike native and conventional apps here you do not have to go through the process of downloading and installing.  Users can immediately start using PWA.

This saves time by eliminating unnecessary steps. It is easy to navigate. It operates similarly to native apps so we do not have to put extra effort into understanding it’s working.

It has all the features which one wants in an app. So definitely PWA is user-friendly. It was developed keeping users’ needs in mind. So access is easy for users.

Offline Usage

PWA has various significant edges over traditional apps, this one being top on the list. Users want to access data even in remote places with less connection.

It allows the users to download and work without having connection problems. You can contact the progressive web app development company to make the required apps.

These companies take full care of all the required details. They are well acquainted with PWA features so imply the best possible knowledge to build it. This access is useful for any user looking forward to searching on those sites.

Save Your Storage

PWA  facilitates the same experience as an app on the website itself. Hence, you can skip such blockers and enjoy browsing.

Since PWA is a website, we do not need storage factors. All the data are stored on the web browser.

Fast Surfing

It is said PWA is coded to give fast results. It allows fast browsing. It displays results even in the poor connection region.

Fast surfing is a must-have feature in today’s busy world. It takes very little time to load any content.

You do not have to wait for the search to be over and display the content. Also, many users have a habit of forgetting Login details, Progressive web apps provide facility to skip these steps. You can save your login details on your site once and that’s all.

Facts And Logics To Support PWA As A Next-Gen Mobile Web

  1. Maintenance Cost
  2. Reach
  3. User Data
  4. Commercial Success
  5. Customer Engagement Rate

Maintenance Cost

PWA is 10 times cheaper than native apps. For native apps, we always have to install a new version for any update but in PWA we don’t have to worry about it . This gets updated automatically..


Flipkart, Make My Trip,  BookMyShow, Twitter lite, OLX, Pinterest, Forbes are some of the examples of famous companies that analyzed native apps with  PWA.

They found PWA quite useful for a wide range of users. Especially those located in areas with a poor connection.

This proves the increasing reach of PWA with each passing day. You can contact mobile application development for making PWA. These experts know techniques to build it.

User Data

They observed the number of users have increased around three to six times. This significant increase in the number of users is definitely because of its modern features.

This approach of technology is successful in understanding the needs of the user hence, increasing reach.

Commercial Success

The  number of users is significantly increasing. So, companies that are not using PWA are compelled to experiment with this.

Facts interpret a positive future.  With such a huge number Progressive web apps have got a bright prospect.

These examples suggest that PWA is a tried and tested application. It is blooming remarkably.

More companies are going to have this technology in the near future. The site should be updated frequently.

Customers should be happy about the service. This is definitely going to boom and spread its activities.

Customer Engagement Rate

40 to  100 percent increase in engagement rate. Customers are not only having  Ids on these apps but they are also frequently using the app. It means technology succeeded even in this field. It made features useful for users.

PWA Features That Makes It Recommended For Future Web

  1. Easy Installing
  2. Data-Friendly
  3. Automatic Updates
  4. App Like Interface
  5. Push Notifications
  6. Engaging
  7. Development Savings
  8. Safe

Easy Installing

Users have to just visit the site and add it to the home screen. It enhances the experience of the user.

PWA is quite easy to install and upgrade. Hence, we take advantage of both, like an app it is present on our home screen as well as a website that gets updated by default.

It saves time as well as gives a good experience. In most of the apps, we have to give extra minutes to grant different permissions. PWA is free from all these hustles.


Progressive web apps are considered data-friendly. It uses quite less data while surfing. It optimizes images to make it work on less data.

It works fine even on low servers. It saves your data and allows you to continue from last work. Once installed, it allows you to consume content without data.

Automatic Updates

In native apps, we face a lot of issues about updates. Sometimes apps do not function without proper updates.

We have to reinstall the app. Due to a lack of good connection a few times we cannot update.

This disables us from using the app until we have its new version. This causes a lot of problems.

The Progressive web app is free of all this issue. Since it is a website it is automatically updated. We do not have to worry about it.

App Like Interface

PWA when installed on the home screen via URL looks similar to native apps. Its navigation is similar to conventional apps.

Push Notifications

Progressive web apps use modern technology to work. It sends push notifications similar to native apps.

This makes the user curious and engaged in all new products. Push notification is a great strategy to increase visitors.

Despite being a website PWA acts as an app with all these features. These notifications keep users hooked and increases the chance of returning to the site.


Regular visit of the customer is a must for increasing growth of websites. The only way to engage customers is to  fulfil their needs and make them curious.

The PWA keeps good connections with users. It keeps the user updated. It works without buffering and wasting time in loading content.

From time to time it sends a push notification. This makes the regular connection of users with PWA.

Fullstack web development services are expertise in this field. If you are facing any technical problems or thinking to have PWA you should connect with them.

Development Savings

Developers are the backbone of PWA. They do not have to build an app for different platforms like android,  IOS.

This feature mainly saves time and money. A single app can perform well on both platforms.


Are you worried about your data stored on Progressive web apps? You should not!  As we know PWA uses modern technology so it is designed to keep users data secure.

It uses the HTTPS protocol for this feature. It is designed to give full security. It provides a safe and secure connection to the user.

It uses a secure protocol which makes PWA very less likely to get hacked. Its special feature also reduces virus hit.

Examples of PWA Apps

  1. Flipkart
  2. Twitter Lite
  3. Pinterest
  4. MakeMyTrip
  5. OLX
  6. AliExpress


With an increasing number of users, Flipkart has become one of the largest e-commerce sites in India.

PWA is one of the main reasons behind this increasing number of users. Flipkart updated to Flipkart Lite. This update resulted in 40% more user re-engagement, and 3 times less data usage.

Twitter Lite:

Twitter has a wide range of users. So, they used the PWA technology to ensure more reach even in areas with low connectivity. This caused 75% more tweets sent, 20% less bounce, and 65% more pages per session.


Pinterest used PWA to increase the number of users. This resulted in 60% more engagement, the revenue generated by ads increased by 44%, and a 40% increase was seen in the time spent on Pinterest


This company opted for a mobile app to enhance the experience of the users. PWA has special features that ensure users a fast result.

This feature helps to engage the user and hence increases conversion rate by 3x. The user sessions increased by 160%. This helped the company to increase the number of engaging customers.


OLX is one of the largest buying and selling platforms in India as well as Pakistan. OLX opted for PWA and noticed a huge difference in re-engagement, bounce rates, CTR on Ads, and time taken to interact with a page.

A 250% increase, 80% decrease, 146% increase, and a 23% decrease was seen respectively. This helped the company to engage more mobile users.


This hugely popular site tried PWA to increase engagement and found it quite successful.

They noticed 2 times more page visits and a 104% growth in conversions in the case of new users.

PWA As a Future Technology

PWA is easily accessible. Features are well accepted by users. The large number of users residing in remote locations with less connectivity, PWA has brought a solution for all of them.

In this busy era, we don’t have enough time so this modern technology has brought a solution for all those busy people. With increasing use of the internet, the rate of cybercrime is also increasing. This technology is apt to use in such cases.  It uses a special HTTPS protocol reducing cybercrimes.

This ensures the high-security feature of this technology. This makes PWA more trustworthy. Enterprise mobility solutions are experts in making progressive web applications.

Native apps as well as web apps are battling neck and neck. Both are widely accepted by the user.

Hence, in this battle, both are winning. PWA helps to save time. In this app, you do not have to rebuild the new version.

PWA has features that get updated rapidly and accordingly in this revamping mobile development world.


This modern technology is designed to operate on websites similar to apps. It can smoothly run on mobiles, laptops, tablets due to its exclusive features.

With all these positive effects of progressive web apps on users as well as manufacturers. The  future is definitely PWA.

Currently it is not supported on all software which is causing a bit hindrance in its growth.  Even then we are sure about the increase in technology and we will overcome this.

Hence, PWA is surely going to be the future of mobile webs. It is cheap and has a wide reach, uses less data, and saves storage. Hence, it is a perfect technology for the  user of this era.

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