If you’re salesperson or entrepreneur looking to extend your sales reach along with your business building opportunities, it stands to reason you’re going to need to travel. That means a lot of time in cars, trains, and in the air. According to Entrepreneur.com, how you spend that time traveling that can have a tremendous impact not only on your productivity as a professional, but also when it comes to your health and wellness. To make the most of your business travel you need to be savvy. That is, you need to learn to travel efficiently and cost-effectively. 

That means being efficient right from the very start of your trip, prior to arriving at the airport. Valet Connections, a Detroit metro airport parking company, states that it’s important for business travelers to have access to convenient services right from the beginning of your business trip. In the 2020s, easy airport parking that can be ordered right on a smartphone mobile app is a must. Today’s business travelers can choose long-term or short-term parking quickly and easily, so that you can get through airport security as fast as possible. You also need a service that not only guarantees security for your vehicle with CCTV 24/7 surveillance, but one that offers oil changes, car washing and detailing, saving you precious productivity time down the road.     

Here are some other tried and true methods to make your next business trip more efficient in the 2020s. 

More Productive Travel Methods

Entrepreneur.com points out that there are many ways to travel over land, over sea, and through the air. Prior to deciding which option works best for you, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. One important aspect of your mode of transport is the ability to be productive while traveling. If you need to be on your laptop often, driving might not be the best choice.  

Connections and Travel Paths

It might cost you and your business a little more cash, but going with more efficient connections through the best city airport hubs to avoid lengthy lay-overs is well worth it. Luggage Council has rated the best city connections, all of which are said to offer “resource-packed airports and streamline service,” which can prevent you from getting stuck on the ground for hours at a time. Planning a business trip via airports that contain a multitude of restaurants, shops, along with easy transitioning, will save you time and money in the short and long run.  

Choose Accommodations Wisely

In the 2020s, business travelers can choose any numbers of hotels, motels, and even Airbnbs which means there’s no excuse for not choosing your accommodations wisely. It all depends on your needs and your wants, plus you budget. It’s not hard to find a place to stay that offers all or most of the conveniences you’re looking for less than the cost of a five-star hotel. You just need to do your research. 

Savvy Business Travelers Know How to Cut Costs

Savvy business travelers know how to cut costs, but they also know when to pays spend. Like Entrepreneur.com points out, if WiFi is an additional cost, you need to pay it in order to boost your productivity. You might also want to rent a nice car to impress potential new clients and investors. If you look successful, chances are you will be successful. Paying extra for a hotel that’s got a gym is also worth it, to keep you in the best shape possible while travelling. Exercise is not only good for the body, it’s good for your brain and your emotional wellness.   

You Mobile Device is Your Business Lifeline

These are the 2020s. You can’t go anywhere without your smartphone. It’s your lifeline to just about everything that’s important to you, from flight updates, to the status on your parked car, to the rental car awaiting you at your next destination. Whenever it’s available, make sure to connect to the available internet address. Use your phone to make notes and to jot down important ideas while in transit. 

Schedule Your Travel/Work Agenda

Scheduling the work you wish to accomplish while traveling assists you not only with reaching your short-term goals, but it can also help you stay organized, or so claims Productivityist. By making a travel/work schedule you stay motivated while moving from one place to another and that means, you’re going to get more accomplished. It’s important to know precisely what you need to do while in the air or waiting around in airports, and how/when you’re going to do it. 

While business travel has slowed down considerably the past year with personal face-to-face meetings being replaced with Zoom calls, chances are, potential clients and investors are going to once more appreciate the personal touch. With the COVID-19 vaccine now being distributed to millions of people world-wide, chances are, you will be on the road again very soon. Do your best to make it a safe and productive journey. 

By Eddy

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