For manufacturers, sealing technology is really important. Remember, it can break or make the success of the production procedure. The proper sealing method will ensure the quality and safety of products. It has the potential to improve the usability and presentation of your products.

Selection of the best seal can be a challenging task. There is nothing to worry about because Hoefon security seals are suitable for every business. They have a massive collection of security seals for every type of business. Here is a comprehensive overview of the best seals for your business.

Tamper Evidence Seal for Healthcare Industry

To avoid the distribution of forged medicines, you can buy an anti-tampering tool for pharmaceutical products. In the medical and pharmaceutical industry, plastic seals and tamper-tape, and labels are essential products. These are suitable to provide clear evidence of infringement or tampering attempts.

On medical equipment and products, you can apply security seals. The plastic seal is easy to break in an emergency situation. Remember, your business needs anti-tamper solutions, and you will get them from Hoefon.

Seal for Tanker Truck

The high-grade Hoefon Security Seals helps to deter any security breach attempts by making it difficult to cut the memory wire. The tamper-evident vinyl and red color make a bold statement that your product has been compromised, allowing you to take action as needed. The colored locking end cap provides easy visibility, assuring your customers that their products are safe.

Cable seals are an essential component in the safe and secure transport of goods and equipment. Cable seals are useful for keeper bars, rail cars, intermodal containers, truck trailers, valves, and hatches. It ensures that the cargo container is secured correctly and can’t be tampered with while in transit. If the tie-downs or seals fail, they could cause serious injury or damage to cargo or people.

Cargo and Container Seals 

Cable seals and container bolt seals are suitable for the security of containers against theft. You can apply it as a tamper-evident seal. Fortunately, tailor-made solutions are available at an affordable price. Hoefon manufactures special cable and bolt locks with an exclusive serial number and company logo. These seals and bolts meet CTPAT standards.

Metal seals 

The metal security seal is an economical way to secure your valuable boxes and necessary packages from theft and tampering. The metal security seal is made with a high-quality metal alloy, and you can use it without fear of damages. The metal security seals are suitable for warehouses, businesses, and commercial departments.

Security bags

It is a special delivery bag/envelope made of transparent plastic material, which is very hard to cut through. The way we see it, there are two sides of the coin; one is to protect you against shoplifting, and the other is to protect your customer from nasty online rumors, which may arise from his nose rings.

Anti-Tamper Labels and Security Seal Tapes

For high-quality labels and seals, Hoefon will not disappoint you. Special tamper-evident solutions are available for trolleys, shipping cartons, carton boxes, and envelopes. The full transfer security labels are best for visual tampering evidence. These are suitable to reveal hidden messages if the label is infringed. 

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