The pharma industry has been thriving on a lot of factors that have to be taken into account when it comes to sales. These include creating awareness about the drugs and making those easily available for people across the world. These factors take care of making the drugs widely acceptable. A lot of the latest tools and technologies are helping the Pharma software, to achieve the required targets and in promoting Pharma sales force automation. Technologies like machine learning and other predictive technologies predict the real-time demands and traffic for any product and are helping in effective pharma reporting.

Pharma Reporting and Pharma Sales Force Automation are the two most important features apart from a lot of others that can improve the workflow of the industry. Pharma Sales Force Automation is helping with the accuracy and the precision comes in pharma reporting. 

Software built using these technologies helps the field force management to achieve the required targets with a lot of efficiencies. This software takes into account the success rates, durability of any situation and helps to optimize any sort of appointment management.

Here are some essential features that should be included in a pharma field force software:

1) Managing the entire visit: With the help of this feature, the app should be able to easily schedule appointments, manage calls, complete the visits and take care of the attendance. Also, this app should be able to record the time and date of the visit effectively.

2) Generating reports effectively: This app should be able to save time by generating reports daily instead of piling these up annually. Pharma Reporting is something that should be present in the form of informational dashboards or some analysis graphs.

3) Effective time calculation: The productive and waiting time for doctors should be calculated productively. Time slots should be assigned effectively. The app should take care of the terms of rescheduling the appointments to maintain an effective workflow. Pharma Reporting will come into play here to effectively handle the time slots.

4) Measure and improve productivity: The app should be able to analyze the available data and hence measure your productivity. There should be features for instant addressing of any issues and complaints.

5) Maps should be included: Proper maps to provide accurate directions should be included in the software so that there are no delays and no iterations on any appointment.

6) Every activity should be audited: All the activities that take place for any specific user should be well audited with accurate timestamps, place, and duration. Pharma sales force automation can detect correct locations and calculate the exact durations without fail.

7) Route and Journey should be planned effectively: The vicinity, and the spaces in which a certain feature is functional should be planned out and decided effectively for preventing any activity that does not fall under the domain of the software.

8) Pharma Sales Force Automation: A lot of IoT features can be included in this software to provide better automation. Most of the work can be automated and this can help to reduce any manual labor and hence any scope for errors.

So, these are some basic and essential features that should necessarily be present in any pharma sales automation software or app.

Apart from these, several other features may not be so vital but affect the sales force performance in some of the other manner. To effectively manage the streamlining of workflow within a pharma organization, these features should be improved and new updates should be brought to the existing ones. A thorough market study is important for this.

By Eddy

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