Managed business services are all the rage at the moment, and it is a buzz term that has begun to include those business areas that have not been considered an option before. Many ancillary business functions and some of the more critical processes and support features have been outsourced or given over to an external managed service. This is a trending occurrence and has begun to include the legal and labor law business sectors more recently.

The current uncertainty in the labor market and changes to the mode and place of work have left many businesses in dire straits as to shortages of skilled labor, the so-called great resignation, and having to deal with the legal ramifications of remote and hybrid worker demands. A business needs to have clarity of thought and clear  legal guidance and direction based on these uncertainties.

Being able to access such advice and information as to labor law and ensuring that your business has the most up-to-date support in this regard is essential in a time of such employment and economic uncertainty. This is why managed legal services have come to the fore.

Labor law for the new normal way of work

As the manner in which employees are expected to work and where this work may be conducted changes and adapts to the current context, any business looking at this new normal way of work must have the requisite contracts of employment in place.

For some businesses, internal HR departments may be able to manage this contractual process. However, based on the increases in numbers of employees moving to this way of work and the resultant disputes, it has become a trend to instead have legal advice such as the labor law professionals Baird Quinn who specialize in employment law and are then able to the represent the firm in these disputes and be a source of advice and labor law guidance.

Commercial disputes have also become more common as business becomes ever more constrained and as such, having the right legal guidance is essential. No longer can your business afford to wait for representation in a world of immediacy. 

Being able to understand the business and economical legal arena will ensure fair labor standards. Furthermore, to be able to respond to the increased knowledge and access to information of employees, a business needs to have professional legal support at hand. From your business registration to the recruitment and retrenchment processes, having the right legal aid has become an essential component of all modern businesses.

Managed services are now part and parcel of the global business environment. The process allows for even the smallest of businesses to access and use the same resources to create elevated levels of functionality. As this mode of business specialization and outsourcing spreads, the possibility and even probability of labor law joining the bandwagon to provide pay as you go/on-demand legal services for a time of grave economic and labor market uncertainty will increase. 

By Eddy

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