Credibility is critical to success no matter what industry you are in. Consumers will always gravitate towards businesses that have credibility and choose these brands over those with little to no credibility. So, how can you build credibility as a business? It will take time to build credibility, and you need to be making a continuous effort, but there are a handful of strategies you can use to build your credibility. Combining a few of these together should deliver results and help you to start improving your brand reputation. In turn, this will help you to attract new customers and compete at a higher level.


Everyone knows that SEO is important for increasing visibility and directing more traffic to your site, but it is also important for credibility.  Those that appear near the top of search engine results lists are seen as credible and authoritative in the eyes of consumers (as well as search engines) and will be favored over those that have a lower ranking.


Similarly, content is a great tool for increasing visibility online, but it can also be used to build credibility. It provides the platform for businesses to showcase their expertise and demonstrate why the consumer should choose their brand over the competition. You want to generate topic ideas that will be interesting, useful and/or entertaining for your target market and make this content as engaging as possible to build credibility.

Influencer Marketing

Credibility is largely built by what others are saying about your business. This is why influencer marketing has risen to be so effective and popular in recent years and will be one of the best ways for you to boost your reputation right now. Having someone with influence in your industry recommending your business will immediately build credibility and help you to reach a much larger audience.

Obtain Customer Reviews

Leading on from this, you should also obtain customer reviews to build credibility. These act as social proof and will give potential customers an idea of what it is like to use your business. You could incentivize customers to leave reviews and then put these on social media and on the company website so that they are highly visible. 

Use Localization Software

To build credibility in today’s day and age, you want to position your business as a global brand. In order to do this, you need to use localization software as part of your translation process. Translating content word-for-word does not always translate, so localization software ensures that messages are communicated effectively no matter what language they are being translated into.

Improve Customer Service Standards

Another critical aspect that has a major impact on your credibility is customer service. Businesses that go above and beyond with customer service and make an effort to look after their customers will always develop a positive reputation that will help them to both attract and retain customers.

These are a few of the best ways to build credibility for your brand and could deliver powerful results when combined together. 

By Eddy

Eddy is the editorial columnist in Business Fundas, and oversees partner relationships. He posts articles of partners on various topics related to strategy, marketing, supply chain, technology management, social media, e-business, finance, economics and operations management. The articles posted are copyrighted under a Creative Commons unported license 4.0. To contact him, please direct your emails to [email protected].