Since early 2020, a vast majority of companies and corporations across the world have adapted to remote employment. Even with the worldwide pandemic thankfully dying down within the upcoming months, it is widely believed that virtual employees are here to stay. Major industry-leading companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter are all committed to allowing their employees to work remotely from home, which makes it easy to believe that several—or even a majority of—other leading corporations will follow suit. 

This is good for the employer as it allows access to employees and viable applicants located too far away for a reasonable daily commute, as well as keeping office traffic down and morale up. Some employees prefer to work from home because it cuts down on personal expenses such as gas and vehicle maintenance, and allows them more personal and family time. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Awards and Bonuses—Still Essential

All of this does not mean, however, that higher-ups can simply disregard these remote employees on the grounds that they have it easier than in-office workers. People are a resource, and their role in the company should not be devalued simply because they are not at the office in person. 

In the past, pizza parties were considered by management a cheap and clever way to raise morale, however these have come under scrutiny on social media in the past few years. Memes and videos mocking the parties have emerged on sites such as Facebook, Reddit, and TikTok, and employees have taken notice. Workers nowadays are less likely to appreciate two slices of a five-dollar pizza and a plastic cup of soda than a bonus of a few hundred dollars.

Branded products  and gifts from platforms like, plaques, and certificates are also common and professional ways to express a company’s acknowledgement towards their employees. Awards such as ‘Employee of the Month’ and ‘Top Salesperson of the Year’ have been staples at corporations for decades to show employees they are respected and valued for their hard work and insight. 

These allow the permanent inscription of a company’s gratitude to a worker, personally mentioned by name. This promotes an air of individuality and recognition to one person among a larger group where that single person might feel like only a number. Oftentimes, receiving an award for achievement, talent, or a particular skillset may be considered a crowning moment in a worker’s career. Awards can also be granted to teams and ad hoc groups who have proven themselves among the best in the company at what they do.


Benefits are another greatly appreciated way to take care of your employees. Life happens no matter where you live or work, and unexpected expenses are likely to occur. Health issues, dental and visual problems will commonly emerge among your middle-aged employees or their dependent family. Insuring they are covered in part by their company is a fantastic way to bolster your workforce, keep applications on file for the future, and retain your current employees for years to come. 401ks assure them they will be prepared for retirement and will put them at ease for the future.

Technology Continues to Advance

The understanding that employees still need to be valued and appreciated is just as essential now as it was in the past. Just because an employee isn’t in the office in person does not mean they should be overlooked. This will become more and more important to keep in mind in the future as technology advances. While Zoom calls dominated most of 2020, some employers are getting tired of the program. 

Furthermore, with telecommunications and workforce technology advancing and merging in such a way, experts predict that the physical office workplace as we know it may not be around for much longer. Virtual reality headsets and metaverses could be the workplace of the future. This would allow every corporate officer, manager, and employee the ability to work from home, meaning businesses could save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by eliminating office rent and corporate vehicles.

In the upcoming months, the global workforce will undoubtedly grow more and more digitized, separating a company’s officers and managers from their lower-level employees more so than ever before. Awards and benefits can keep employees feeling like a major part of something bigger than themselves, promoting workplace camaraderie, trust, and high morale. They also allow workers something physical to pride themselves on the hard work they’ve accomplished over the years and give them something more to work towards in the future.

By Eddy

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