Hiring is serious business within your company. However, if you have not considered or done so yet, you should make hiring young talent a priority in your business agenda. Why? Read on to find out. This guide will look at all the advantages that come with hiring young talent.

  • Fresh perspective 

Hiring younger applicants would be extremely beneficial for your organization as with them, they bring innovative ideas, perspectives, and outlooks. However, the role and value young people bring to the table is often undervalued and is an example of how youth are untapped resources.

Everyone knows how important it is to have a diverse workforce. Factors of diversity that are typically discussed include that of gender, race, and sexual orientation, rightly so. However, what is given much less attention is diversity in terms of age. It is not uncommon for many companies to employ older people primarily, as they are usually the ones with the most relevant experiences and skills for the job. While this may be the case, it is important to not exclude the younger generations as they too can bring immense value to a business. One of the ways they can do this is by offering fresh perspectives, often not considered by their older counterparts.

So, if you want your business to be one of the best, the workforce must be diverse in all elements, including age. 

  • Specialized workforce development 

Since many young people will be fresh out of school, university or college when you want to employ them, there is an opportunity to mold them into the exact kind of employee you want them to be. As opposed to more senior employees, they will not have much experience of working in such an environment. So, you can train them to meet the needs, wants and expectations of the organisation with presumably little to no backlash or resistance. 

  • Save money 

Often younger people will cost less to employ since they have less experience. So, a good idea would be to employ younger people for roles at entry levels (or roles that do not require specialized knowledge or skill). Alternatively, you can run training schemes, work placements, and internships to equip them will the skills needed to do more experienced jobs. The latter will ensure they are not marginalized and kept at the bottom of the workplace hierarchy. 

Ways to find and hire young talent 

Now that you know why it is valuable to hire younger candidates, you probably want to know how to best go about doing so. One way is by using Recruiting Enablement platforms. These platforms can help with the selection process (choosing the right candidate that meets the criteria you are looking for). They can also help with campus recruiting, which is an important first step when looking to recruit young talent. 

Another method is to go out and look for them (i.e., campus recruiting) or let them come to you by having procedures in place to attract them. For example, having an already diverse and flexible work environment and being a positive promoter can be a great method to try. A combination of software and tactics like this should help you find the talent you are looking for. 

By Eddy

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