There are different reasons as to why a person would like to move to another country. It can either be for business, work, studies or family, vacation, or any other reason. At times, Visa application tends to be a fuss, more so in Australia, where thousands of migrants apply for visas every year.

Therefore, it is your obligation to look for a registered migration agent you can rely on and provide you with an ideal solution in terms of visa application.  Migration laws in Australia constantly change, making the process of obtaining a visa complex. In Brisbane, for example, Migration agent lawyers in Brisbane will assist you with the whole process from setting up a consultation to personally meet with you, reading through the legislation, to filing all the paperwork, and submitting your visa application – or rather handling your visa from beginning to the end as though it is their own. They offer a friendly service and quality work. 

Among the reasons you should engage a registered migration agent for your Australian visa include:

It makes the process easy and cuts confusion

To figure out which Australian visa best suits your needs takes a huge amount of research, time, and patience. It is more frustrating when you realize the Australian government is doing nothing to make the process transparent and straightforward. Engaging a registered migration agent is by far the easiest way to navigate this path. Registered migration agents deal with many clients daily. Therefore, their experience and knowledge of immigration laws are adept. They can guide you and advise on the course of action to help you get an Australian visa with ease.

Registered migration agents handle your visa application process from application to final stage, including gathering the relevant information, preparing and lodging your application process. They then liaise with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf, meaning they change the process from excruciating to a convenient process. 

Reduces stress and gives security

Consulting a registered migration agent reduces the stress of lodging the visa yourself and gives the security and peace of mind as you know that your application is the strongest it can be. Uncertainty of an event impacts emotional and mental pain. It can be debilitating and taxing to most people. Before you start applying your own, engaging a migration agent could be essential.  

Working with a registered migration agent – by OMARA – alleviates as much stress as possible. To secure your application, you must give them sufficient evidence, and they coach you through the process. They always update you if any changes occur in the application process. They take every step with you, and you don’t have to worry if you filled the application correctly or provided sufficient evidence.  


All Registered Migration Agents are approved by OMARA – a government body that ensures that all agents act according to law and provide accurate information to ensure that clients secure their Australian visas. OMARA is designed to keep tabs on migration agents and keep the whole sector on line. Before they are approved, all the migration agents go through a series of tests and checks and further have a comprehensive knowledge of the Australian migration law to help them in case of court cases. The agents must abide by a Code of Conduct for integrity in the immigration department. 

You might find agents who want to promise you an extremely fast process, not needing a lot of evidence, and ask for cheap fees. Before agreeing to do business with any agent, you’re obligated to check your agent’s authenticity by checking the agent’s number (MARN) on the MARA website. Avoid being scammed by the unregistered migration agents, yet it will only take you 30 seconds to double-check on the website. 

Constant legislation amendments by the government

The immigration law of Australia is complex and changes constantly. Immigration is a contentious topic to both the political leaders and the general public as new amendments and laws are passed daily through the government. This impacts the visa application process. The advantage of using a registered immigration agent is that one of their obligations is to stay up to date with any law amendments that directly affect the visa application process. Other renowned firms have the changes discussed and communicated to them, and nothing has to slip through the cracks. 

In the long run, it’s more cost-effective

Application for an Australian visa is quite expensive. The costs have doubled significantly in three years. Lodging a visa by yourself with chances of being declined are high, and the best thing to do is weighing options bearing in mind application fees are non-refundable. If you make a single mistake during application can cost you thousands of dollars. Using an experienced and registered migration agent reduces the chances of refusal or mistakes in the application process. This saves you thousands of dollars. A Migration agent is like insurance against major damages. 

By Eddy

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