The friendly skies are a lot less friendly these days. Passengers attacking flight attendants, cramped seating, delayed flights, and the stress of traveling on commercial flights are all valid reasons many business executives dread traveling for business. If your business executives frequently travel to various destinations, consider renting a private jet for trips. These chartered flights have multiple advantages that make them worth the price.

Closer to Destination

Forget about having to fly out of a central hub that’s hours away. When you hire a private jet, you get to decide what terminal you want to use for departures and arrivals. You may also opt for a private airport or small, regional airfield. You’ll end up closer to your final destination and won’t have to fight the crowds at the baggage area (and you won’t have to worry about lost luggage).

Personalized Comfort

Airline food is sometimes decent, often awful. Private jets cater to your comfort, offering fresh, chef-prepared cuisine of your choice. You’ll relax in luxurious seats with lots of legroom and peace and quiet you can’t get even in first class on a commercial airliner. If you want comfortable travel, a private charter will ensure you’re wrapped in luxury.

No Layovers or Lines

You save a lot of time and aggravation traveling by private jet. Once you’ve booked your flight, there’s no worry about checking in hours ahead of time or having to wait for lines to go through security. Delays due to backed-up flights aren’t an issue, and layovers are non-existent. A private jet flight is tailored to you and your convenience. When you charter a flight through a company like Access Global, you can plan your trip according to your needs instead of planning your travel around the airline’s schedule.

Able to Work on Board

Business travel doesn’t have to mean long, lost hours on a plane trying to work in a cramped seat or struggling to sleep in a cabin filled with screaming kids and in-flight movies. On a private jet, you can stretch out and sleep in a luxurious recliner, work at a spacious desk, or simply enjoy a good book while sipping a cocktail. Be as productive or relaxed as you’d like in a private jet.

Less Exposure to Others

The last few years have changed air travel forever. Viruses are a concern that will continue to impact public transportation for years to come. Private jet travel protects you from exposure to countless strangers who may or not be carrying illnesses. You’re also less exposed to the noise and drama of numerous other travelers intruding on your space. There’s no need to fret about safety or security when you travel by charter jet.

Today’s entrepreneurs and business owners understand the need to travel. Charter jet services make it easier, more practical, and more enjoyable for your team by offering exceptional, customized service.

By Eddy

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