International Outlook: 4 Looming Threats to the Global Economy in 2020

The United States is enjoying a nearly unprecedented run of economic growth. Since the end of the Great Recession, in 2009, the American economy has posted expansion (as measured by gross domestic product) in nearly every quarter, and has yet to post the two consecutive quarters of contraction required to define a recession.

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The Essentials Every Toolbox Needs

Having a well-equipped toolbox can save the day in so many ways. Whether it’s an emergency that needs a quick fix, or a DIY project you need to complete in a day, the right tools are necessary. If you are just putting together a new toolbox, below are some of the essentials you will need:

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A Quick Guide to the Installation of Fabric Covered Buildings and Canvas Structures

The concept of fabric covered buildings. For hundreds of years, teepees and yurts were built around the idea of using lightweight and yet strong materials and stretching them across a framework. It’s not new. But it has been built upon in recent times, and their use has grown exponentially in the past few years. They’ve proven to be a popular choice for a variety of different reasons, but what do you need to know before getting involved in the process yourself? Here’s our quick guide to the installation of fabric covered buildings and canvas structures.

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Why Precast Concrete Buildings are Fast Becoming a Popular Choice

Precast concrete buildings are fast becoming a popular choice in the construction industry. There are several reasons for this. Before we discuss them, it is important to understand precast concrete and its applications. So, let’s get started!

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Important Event Lessons You Can Learn From the Failed Fyre Festival

Over the last couple weeks, two documentaries have detailed the ill-fated Fyre Festival event: a music festival hosted by entrepreneur Billy Mcfarland and rapper Ja Rule in the Bahamas. Guests were promised a luxurious island experience, with beautiful outdoor cabanas, private suites, and top-notch musical acts. Some attendees paid up to $12,000 for tickets to the event, where they expected to mingle with models and celebrity influencers against a backdrop of white sand and clear waters.

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Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Is Trending

Yes, business intelligence is trending. Enterprises have adapted to these technological changes and the need for manpower is growing. Now is the time to invest in your career with a skill upgrade in business intelligence applications with Python.

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3 Ways to Ace Your Consulting Case Interview

Every aspiring consultant you will encounter will have one agenda in their upcoming case interview – to show the interviewer that consulting is the right job for him/her. As such, once you get that notice from the recruiter that an upcoming interview schedule has been set, then your mind should be conditioned to winning as well.

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How Medical Scrubs Became Big Business

With the rising need for healthcare and similar services in this country, you’re well aware of the increased demand for medical professionals, from doctors to nurses and everywhere in-between. One thing that also bears mentioning is that there are a lot of fields adjacent to those professions that are experiencing high demand as well, like companies that provide scrubs for medical professionals. If you’re interested in breaking into this field, there’s plenty of reasons to. This article will cover how scrubs became big business in the first place, and how to carve out your own niche in this lucrative field.

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How to Manage Your Commercial Property Portfolio

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What to Consider When Investing in Commercial Property

There has been plenty in the news over the past few years about the rising house prices and how buying to rent residential property offers excellent investment opportunities at the moment. While that is true, it’s not the only property that is worth investing in to make a profit.

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Looming Residential Spots of IT City (Bangalore)

If one says that, Bangalore is now becoming one of the fastest growing cosmopolitan city in India with all required features then it won’t be wrong. The city is just a perfect blend of contemporary as well traditional values. As per few recent surveys, a tremendous growth in the number of permanent residents has been observed in Bangalore in the last decade. The primary reason for this relocation is outburst of various multinational companies, more career options, world class amenities and better living standard. As a general rule, property price of a locality is decided by demand and supply gap of that particular area. If there is more gap and more demand than supply gap, the prices will go up and vice-versa. Continue reading “Looming Residential Spots of IT City (Bangalore)”