Having a well-equipped toolbox can save the day in so many ways. Whether it’s an emergency that needs a quick fix, or a DIY project you need to complete in a day, the right tools are necessary. If you are just putting together a new toolbox, below are some of the essentials you will need:


A hammer is a must have tool in every toolbox. With a hammer, you can easily put stuff together or take it apart. You will need it for every project where you are required to use nails. Pick a high-quality hammer with a good handle to ensure that it lasts, since this is one of the tools you will never stop using. And as you buy your hammer, don’t forget to get some nails. Both are available at fixings and fastenings distributors such as Tradefix Direct.  


This is another tool that will be helpful in putting things together and tearing them apart. It basically helps you in screwing and unscrewing. You may need two types for your toolbox, a flat blade and a Phillips head. Don’t forget to buy some matching screws for each.


Saws have been used over the years to cut wood. However, there are some kinds that are designed to cut through plastic and metal. For basic uses, a general purpose saw will work just fine for starters.

Cordless Drill

One of the reasons to choose a cordless drill is that it is super convenient. You can use it anywhere, even where there is no power supply. Secondly, you avoid the cords that can cause trip and falls, especially if you are working in an environment with kids or in a busy area. However, if you need a very powerful tool, you can look into the corded ones. The drill will basically help you when you need rounded holes.


These are hand held tools that come in various shapes and sizes. They are normally used for gripping, holding, bending and twisting. Some types are adjustable whereas others are not. There is also a locking type.

Measuring Tape

Your toolbox needs one or two of these too. A tape will be helpful when you are measuring the size of a room or space or even when you are making something. With a measuring tape, you can be guaranteed that you are working with the right measurements. Imagine spending a whole week making a shelf unit only to realise that in won’t fit in your home office. You can avoid such mistakes with this simple tool.

Safety Gear

Whenever tools are involved, there is some risk. This is why you should buy safety gear when shopping for tools. Your safety gear will keep you safe when you are working with tools. You don’t have to put them in the toolbox, especially for cleanliness purposes, but you need them close by. Examples of safety gear you should invest in include gloves, safety glasses, masks, helmet and hearing protection among others. You don’t have to buy all the items at once, especially if you don’t have a pending project. However, you shouldn’t wait until you have an urgent project to buy what you need. Buy one by one until your box is complete.

By Eddy

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