Yes, business intelligence is trending. Enterprises have adapted to these technological changes and the need for manpower is growing. Now is the time to invest in your career with a skill upgrade in business intelligence applications with Python.

Let’s explore why.

Python has become the most popularly used language to crunch numbers and is a high-level multi-domain reliable language with readability, flexibility and an array of libraries. For the past few years, Big data across multi-variate sources have been processed to provide forecasts and gainful insights that can help enterprises in many areas. Some areas where enterprises across all sectors and sizes have found immense help are in risk mitigation, customer-service, marketing strategies, and decision making. With more innovation comes more data and this, in turn, translates to the urgent need for professionals in data analytics. 

Now, here are the essential qualifications:

One must have:

∙•••••••• Knowledge of Python is essential for pursuing this course.

∙•••••••• A computer with an OS like Windows, Linux or MAC OSX, built-in editor and a recent web browser like Chrome

Why this Microsoft Power BI course

Zeolearn offers experts in Microsoft BI and technical education. Here’s what this course aims to deliver to its prospective students:

∙•••••••• The training workshop helps you inculcate learning through 16 hours of instructor-delivered high-quality online training from industry experts the advanced techniques of using Python for Microsoft BI applications

∙•••••••• The specially designed and downloadable courseware accentuates not just theoretical knowledge. Rather the systematic use of interactive online classes, lab sessions and supervised assignments, workshops and live test cases give you practice

∙•••••••• The Microsoft Power BI course can be opted for in the weekday or weekend batch. Zeolearn conducts classroom training on weekends, integrates it with online virtual training at your pace for learning and even conducts corporate training

∙•••••••• Post-course long-term support, good refund policy and the fact that demo codes, soft-copy of the slide deck, live exercises, interactive test cases and lifetime access to online libraries are freely available makes the course unique

∙•••••••• With effective mentoring by industry experts, you earn the Microsoft Power BI course completion certification

∙•••••••• This coveted certification is valued in the industry and is a validation of your learning and newly enhanced skill-set

∙•••••••• You will also build a Python program with full support and mentoring. This project, which can also be a live-industry-project is reviewed by industry experts and certified instructors

What will I learn?

The topics covered are:

∙•••••••• Business transformation through BI 

∙•••••••• Power BI desktop utilities and management of data 

∙•••••••• Interconnection of multi-source data and Power BI desktop data modeling.

∙•••••••• Data representation through style reports and data visualizations 

∙•••••••• Power Excel and BI 

∙•••••••• Collaborate and share data with Power BI

∙•••••••• Functions of Power BI Data Analysis Expressions

What is in it for me?

With this Microsoft Power BI course, you will be an expert in managing, leveraging, mining, extracting and interpreting data using the Python language. Your passion for learning a new programming language counts. Business intelligence is an emerging opportunity. Attend this BI workshop, upgrade your resume and land a dream job based on your learning and newly acquired programming skills.

By Chakraborty

Dr Chakrabarty is the Chief Innovation Officer of IntuiComp TeraScience. Earlier she was Assistant Professor of Delhi University, a QS ranked university in India. Before that she has held research positions in IIT Mumbai, IIT Chennai and IISc Bangalore. She holds 2 patents and over 20 research publications in her name which are highly cited. Her area of research is in smart technologies, integrated devices and communications. She also has a penchant for blogging and is an editor of Business Fundas.

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