Since many millennials have found themselves saddled with thousands of dollars in student loan debt, many parents of all ages are rethinking the college tradition when it comes to educating their own children. College is no longer considered a guaranteed path to a lucrative career. 

In fact, more and more people consider a traditional college experience to be a potential waste of money and time. Here are some options to prepare your child for a rewarding career without sending them to college:

Computer Science and Coding Classes

It doesn’t take much imagination to recognize that computers and coding are the future. Computers are integral to practically every area of our lives, and they are only getting more important. 

Classes in computer science and coding from online institutions such as can prepare your child for a wide range of different careers without any need for a college degree. Careers that require an understanding of computers and coding often demand demonstrated skill rather than a degree. That means that if your child masters these skills, there is no limit to how far they can rise in a career in computers.

Consider Trade School

Trade schools for disciplines like nursing, electrical work, plumbing, etc are becoming more and more seriously considered by people of all walks of life. Unlike the careers that traditional college prepares students for, the careers that trade schools open up for today’s youth are widely available in all sorts of different locations. They are also often quite lucrative. 

Whereas those that graduate from college with a degree in business or marketing and find themselves waiting tables, those that graduate from a trade school with skills in mechanical work or plumbing are extremely likely to be able to find a good job quickly. Therefore, many parents consider trade school to be a safer alternative when it comes to finding a path to a fulfilling career than a college degree.

Encourage Your Child to Pursue Their Passions 

The trend of children having to pursue their love of art, sports, or music behind their parents’ backs as Mom and Dad demand they get a “real job” is coming to an end in many families. In fact, children often find that they can have a successful career in the area that they are passionate about, provided they work hard and receive encouragement from their parents. 

Instead of dismissing a child’s dream of a career fueled by passion, more and more parents are choosing online education and other flexible options to allow children to pursue their passions more thoroughly while still receiving the fundamentals they need.

College Isn’t Required for Your Child to Have a Fulfilling Career

Naturally, you want to prepare your child for a career that earns them a good income and which they enjoy. However, college is no longer the assumed fast track to success. 

By Eddy

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