Intraday Trading made simpler – Use FIT from Kotak Securities

Simplifying the art of generating returns from investments in equity market interests a significant section of our society. These investors try to protect their money from erosion resulting through high inflation and low returns and try to get higher RoI from investments in equity. Apart from a full-time job, thus investments in stock markets mark a major source of additional income for many.

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7 Reasons Why Your Personal Loan Application May Get Rejected in India

If you are facing a cash crunch or need money urgently, personal loans can help. However, this can be a long and tedious process and there is a risk that your application gets rejected if you’re not on you’re A-game when applying. Continue reading “7 Reasons Why Your Personal Loan Application May Get Rejected in India”

Simple Marketing Tips Any E-commerce Store Owner Can Implement

Marketing in the digital age is both easier and more complicated. It is easier because you have more ways to reach a very targeted audience, allowing your business to benefit from a stream of potential customers. On the other hand, the available digital marketing instruments offer more targeting and analytic tools, making it more difficult to formulate a suitable campaign for your business.

Invest in Term Insurance – A Saviour for Tomorrow

Financial stability is the most desirable of all needs for individuals. All individuals are in need of financial stability irrespective of their age and stages in career. During school days, children receive pocket money which they spend to satisfy their little wishes. With growing age, monetary requirements are sorted out by our parents.

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A Nest Made Affordable – Home Loans for One and All

Since time immemorial, the fundamental requirements of humankind are determined; food, shelter and clothing. Over the years, these necessities have evolved, progressed and witnessed path-breaking changes. Considering ‘shelter’ for the time being, beginning from stony caves (for primitive man) to thatched hut to mud houses and finally to the age of bricks and concrete, the journey has been immensely progressive.

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Reasons Why It Is Important to Keep Accurate Business Records

As a business owner or newly established company, it is essential to keep accurate records of your business expenses. Of course, one of the main reasons why you must adhere to this is that law requires it, but there are also others reasons that can help your organization if you keep up-to-date information. For general purposes, record keeping assists in reporting specific information to the government about how you run your business. Areas such as how much profit you make, how many staff you employ and where you operate from are essential elements in reporting your business information. Although it might feel like an endless administrative task, effective record keeping can help your business in a number of ways. Continue reading “Reasons Why It Is Important to Keep Accurate Business Records”

Finding the Business Web Hosting You Need for Less

You could pay $500 a month for hosting, but you probably don’t need to. Invest your business income in other ways.

The web hosting company has one job; to keep your web pages available to web users and to serve them quickly. That’s two jobs. If a company is unable to do those two jobs, they shouldn’t be in business. Sadly, there are well-known web hosts that fail in these two core areas. Continue reading “Finding the Business Web Hosting You Need for Less”

6 Ways Flexible Packaging Is Transforming the Food Industry

Food packaging is very critical in determining the quality of food that we eat. Before the food reaches the consumer, it mostly passes through quite a long supply chain. The producer passes it to the processor then to the transporters who then get it to the distributors and probably through the grocers and restaurants before it can finally get to the consumer. Therefore, in order to maintain good quality of the food, including its flavor all through the long supply chain; quality food packaging is very critical. It is because of this that innovative and flexible food packaging methods have been introduced. Continue reading “6 Ways Flexible Packaging Is Transforming the Food Industry”

Challenges Faced By Indian Businesswomen and How To Overcome Them

  •  Women run only 14% business enterprises in India
  • Lack of education and patriarchal issues are challenges
  • Women also find it difficult to raise credit for their business
  • Collateral-free loans, workshops can make a positive change

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How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

‘I’ll try again next year,’ and other phrases characterize most of our attitudes towards New Year’s resolutions. By February, most of us are back to our previous year’s habits with a tinge of guilt that slowly fades as the year progresses. If you’re among said demographic, it’s not entirely your fault; we are creatures of habit, making change very hard. Continue reading “How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions”