5 Differences between Linked and Non-Linked Plans


Every investment decision involves a risk-return trade off. In other words, a financial instrument that provides high returns would entail high risk and vice versa. Hence it is important to differentiate between need-based vs greed-based investing. Pure insurance products are primarily low risk offering low returns,but are suited to the life cover needs of the investor.

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Why You Should Invest in ULIPs When The Markets Are Down?

For those who are just beginning to experience market uncertainties, a market crash can be a nightmarish experience. It is human nature to take stock of short-term losses, sell everything and then stop any cash inflow into the market until everything settles down.

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Derivatives Market: Commodity Derivatives

In any market, a commodity is an item that is produced to meet the market needs. The same is true for the derivatives market in economics too. In the commodity market, the goods have the quality of being replaced by one another. A simple example of it is the currency, which you can exchange for the same value. Here, the currency is a commodity. There are other common commodities used in the derivatives markets. Some of them are steel, pure gold, crude oil, and metals.

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Eying Distressed Real Estate? Keep These 5 Things in Mind

Mark Twain famously advised: “Buy land; they’re not making it anymore.”

Twain wasn’t wrong. Back in his day, land speculation was rampant, and there was real money to be made buying land along — for example — future railroad routes.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Commodity Investment

It’s been a few years since Starbucks was publicly corrected for their false claim that coffee was the second most traded commodity after oil. Oil at the time was at a stellar $788 billion and coffee came in around $19 billion, which left plenty of space for other commodities in between. While Starbucks defended this claim based on futures trading figures, it left coffee in the dark. But for commodity investors, it highlighted the importance of doing proper research before lumping all their money together behind a single commodity based on what just anyone says, even major corporations.

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Business Has to Be Aware: What Future Blockchain Will Bring?

Cryptocurrencies are among the most popular topic of discussion for pretty much everyone. Since the initial launch of Bitcoin back in 2009, the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin and thousands of other altcoins slowly started to merge into a lot of aspects of our society. Those aspects may range from simple payment procedures to healthcare and even government, but at the end of the day, the blockchain technology is becoming a necessity in most technologies out there.

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How Your Demat Account Works?

Dematerialization eliminated the need for physical certificates when you invest in any kind of security. Historically, every time you bought or sold any financial product, the certificate needed to be sent to the issuer for name transfer. It was a long and cumbersome procedure. This lengthy process is no longer required as all securities are held in an electronic form.

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How to invest smartly.

It is possible to start investing with little money; you do not have to have thousands of dollars to start the investment journey. Knowing where to invest and knowing the right investment practices are very important if you hope to reap the benefits of your hard work.

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SL Account Management Team Assistance

Graduates of post-secondary institutions are facing higher amounts of student debt than ever before. With the state of the American economy, more people are making the choice to pursue a post-secondary education to secure themselves future employment.

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Adding A Vehicle To Your Business: What You Need To Know

For any business owner, investing in their business means investing in assets that can boost productivity and profits. One of the go-to methods of investment is purchasing a business vehicle. For some organizations, owning a business vehicle is an integral part of providing their service.

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5 reasons why ULIPs are getting more popular as investment option in India

Compared to conventional insurance products, ULIP, which is a new generation product and which was not accepted widely even though it has been known to have some unique features and advantages over many other insurance products has a host of benefits that are comparably more than any other traditional policies of a life insurance company. The main advantage of using this vehicle of investment over any other product that is available in the market is that it gives the policyholder the opportunity to invest in a wide variety of investment products that are eligible to be invested in. Similar to all other investment products, ULIP too has its own share of features that make it a desirable vehicle for investment.  Another advantage of the product is that it is possible to be tailored to the specific needs of the individual investors.

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4 Ways to Manage Your Business Expenses

The proper management of resources is an essential part of a business. After all, maintaining firm control over both the variable and fixed expenses won’t only help keep the company in good financial health, but maximize profit and revenue as well. But while this might be easier said than done, especially in highly competitive industries, there are plenty of strategies that successful entrepreneurs usually employ to keep expenditure in check. To this end, here are just a ways to manage your business expenses better.

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