3 Ways To Fireproof Your Trailer Based Business

The majority of businesses these days are located in long established buildings with concrete foundations. However, there is still a need for mobile trailers in businesses such as construction, road side food venues, and even schools. It is in this capacity that the uses of the mobile home grows.  

In some cases, they are just temporary. In others, they can provide greatly needed space for months to years, but the mobility a trailer offers is essential to the success of all these businesses. Below are three ways you can ensure the safety of your business on the move from fire damage.


The Right Equipment Is A Must

Year after year there are multiple reports of businesses that catch on fire for one reason or another. Whether they are arson or electrical, a fire can not only be bad for business, but bad for the employees, as well. That is why you should always make sure that your mobile company is equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

There should be at least two smoke alarms for every manufactured building in your business. At least one fire extinguisher should accompany each building, as well. If the worse case scenario pops up, you will be glad you made the investment in these safety devices. They will not only save your life and the lives of your employees, but may help keep your business intact.


Don’t Block Exits

Let’s face it, manufactured buildings are not the biggest buildings on the planet. After you add the equipment for a roadside food venue, office furniture, or school desks, the space left over is minimal. Still, it’s important not to block the exits from the building.

Just because there hasn’t been a fire in years does not make it acceptable to place the water cooler in front of the back door. In the case of an actual fire, having to remove it will cost you precious seconds that may mean the difference between someone living or dying. Don’t block the exits.


Overloading Outlets Is A No No

In every business, there is a need for electricity and with the evolution of technology, the need grows more each day. However, there are only so many outlets in a manufactured building. Many of us do not think twice about hooking up a power strip with the purpose of plugging in multiple devices, but when you consider the power that one outlet now has to allow to flow through it to keep all those devices working, you begin to acknowledge the fire hazard.

Consider this. What would happen if only one person was responsible for the construction of a skyscraper? Not only would the project possibly never get done, the one person responsible would quickly collapse from the physical demands of the job. An overused outlet carries the same consequence, except its collapse could result in a fire.

If you value your business as do most, educate your staff and take the steps needed to protect your venture and your employees from the dangers of fire.

Author: Eddy

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