Get Set Go! #empoweryourcareer with a Global MBA

MBA is the need of the day for professionals gearing up to become management experts and empower their career with fast growth and progress. However, more often than not, the successful MBAs fall into a global career where more than theoretical knowledge, skillsets help them to succeed in their goals. This is where a Global MBA Programme assists them with tickets to success by empowering them with the much needed exposure required with the globalization and internalization in the business, in current times.

It is in this emerging need that SP Jain creates professionals out of students but with a difference. SP Jain School of Global Management offers 2 programs which are aligned with this goal. It is a tri-city MBA program which offers the students a unique experience – Live, Study and Work in 3 Global cities – Dubai, Singapore & Sydney. This enriches participants with a never before exposure of the trends and best practices of businesses, societies and government setup in three diverse economies, thereby sensitizing students with truly a global and international culture. On completion of the programs, students pass out with an Australian MBA degree approved by TEQSA. The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) is a government body set up in 2011 under the Department of Education and Training of the Government of Australia. It monitors and accredits higher education providers for quality and compliance to the standards of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

The Master of Global Business (MGB) program (SP Jain MGB) is a 16-month program (which includes a 4-month internship) and enables students to develop their career from the perspective of a professional geared up for the dynamic business requirements of global business today. It enables them to adapt to different dynamic business environments, diverse cultures & fluctuating market conditions. Academics and training happen in three global cities, namely Dubai, Singapore & Sydney. The focus is to enable students to adjust in new cultures, step out of their comfort zone, develop cross-cultural understanding, gain actual management experience in industrial setting and engage some of the world’s top companies during the academic progress in the MGB program. Designed exclusively for graduates with relatively very little work experience, the program creates professionals who could appreciate and adapt to different dynamic business environments, diversity in work and social cultures and testing fluctuations in market conditions. A unique feature of the MGB program is the GLOBAL IMMERSION PROJECT. These are undertaken in each of the three terms whereby students are directed towards creating a higher degree of exposure to real corporate environments. This facilitates in preparing Managers for a lifetime of successful decision-making and enduring leadership during a fast tracked career. Admissions are conducted through the SPJAT MGB examination which focus on selecting the most competitive young blood who could thrive in such fast paced global environment.

The Global MBA (GMBA) program (SP Jain GMBA) is a 12-month program focusing on professionals with over three years of work experience, and therefore have the basic understanding of how firms and business operate. However, what such professionals lack is the systematic training of management approaches and the global exposure to business practices. It is increasingly realized that top management positions now go to global professionals – professionals who have lived overseas and therefore, understand diverse business and social cultures. Get this edge with the Global MBA program, where every student lives and studies in Asia, Australia and the Middle East in Singapore, Sydney and Dubai respectively. The program trains young leaders with the latest and most innovative areas of business management, and focuses specially on helping these emerging leaders appreciate, accept and adapt to different business and cultural environments. A blended model of learning using technology and internet driven content delivery enhances learning agility and improved retention of management fundamentals since students learn at a pace that suits them through simulated business scenario building and audio-visuals. Admissions happen through the SPJAT GMBA examination which focuses on selecting the most competitive professionals who would thrive in such diverse competition in the global environment.

For students wanting to become a successful management professional and cater to the much needed global need within industries, these programs offer gateways to fast growth and prosperity for budding professionals.