How to use Videos and Podcasts in the Fitness Industry

Marketing for fitness isn’t vastly different than marketing other types of business. Your marketing strategy is still developed to generate more customers i.e. more people signing up for classes or more people booking for a PT session, and across the marketing industry, video has become a very popular marketing method.It is becoming incredibly effective in the fitness sector too.

To go into a bit more detail, the power of a 30-second video of your fitness class, bootcamp or PT session will be much more effective than a page of text on your website. You can also easily share your video through social media accounts to get high volumes of interest in your services. This is all extremely easy to do. All you need is your smartphone and a YouTube account, and you are ready to go.

If you still aren’t sure how to proceed, then take a look at YouTube and see what other fitness enthusiasts are doing online. You should be able to get some inspiration here for your own video by finding the ones that get viewed the most and seeing what they have done to make it so successful.Even the NHS has produced a few fitness videos that people can view online. However, remember to be original in your content, and refrain from copying. You could look at comments on other videos to see if people are asking for something that hasn’t been covered yet.

Podcasts are also another great way to create in-demand fitness content. People like podcasts because they can listen to them anywhere. They can listen to them on the gym floor or out running. Therefore, you may want to look at creating a fitness session that is available to download as a podcast. You could create a program for people who want to lose weight for example. Or you could create one that is about a specific area of the body that many people may want to work on.

Not all fitness sessions have to be face to face, and the more that technology moves on, the more appetite there will be for virtual instructors or fitness sessions that customers can listen to in their own time. There is an increasing demand for flexibility around time, and due to job or family commitments, not everybody can get to an exercise class at a specific time. However, if they have a podcast that will deliver a session to them at whatever time they choose, you are catering to the soaring demand for flexibility.

Podcasts are truly easy to create. You can use your laptop’s built-in recording functionality, or if you want something professional, you can buy the necessary recording equipment. Getting your podcast out to your target audience may take some work. Therefore, you will need to build a thorough marketing plan to help push your podcasts out to people. If you have uploaded your podcast onto a popular platform like SoundCloud, then it will be slightly easier for you. Many people look into buying SoundCloud followers from companies like Social Media Daily, particularly when they are first starting off so they rank higher than competitors. Another way to promote them is through your social media accounts.