Confused where to invest? Select best investment options

Most individuals look for an opportunity to invest, to increase wealth. Among the attractive investment options available to individuals, Bank Deposits come very low with fixed and rather poor returns. Next in line comes investment in the share market either directly or through mutual funds, which require commitments over a long period. When opting for any investment, two things stand out, the long gestation period for investments to give good returns as well as the risk involved in trying to get maximum returns. We will in this context, examine some options for optimum investment returns in 2019.

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Bitcoin ATMs Revolutionizes the Cryptocurrency Trading

Why torture yourself with the long, tedious process of traditional cryptocurrency exchanges when you can skip the hassle and join the company that aims to give the best cash to crypto experience possible. CoinFlip provides the newest generation terminals, which make the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency much easier. A company that offers retail technology, CoinFlip, is a trendsetting leader of its kind. They have given the market the very first cloud-based rules and adjudication engine, which incorporated retailer POS systems and loyalty programs.

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Insurances: Safeguard for Today and Tomorrow

Savings should always be significant. All earning individuals understand and appreciate the need of a significant amount of savings to address all future needs. The requirements can be multiple, be it the event of a marriage ceremony, buying a new home or vehicle, children’s higher education or medical expense of elderly parents, need of money is indispensable in all situations. The case worsens under conditions of untimely death of the only bread earner of the family. It is always advisable to opt for term life insurance to take care under such circumstances.

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Margin Against Shares In Demat Account

What is a Demat account?

A demat account offers a wide range of features and services. For one, you can now make use of idle shares lying in your portfolio for intraday trading. You can pledge shares or margin against shares in your Demat account to conduct intraday trading.

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How To Prevent Unauthorized Demat Account Transactions

Safeguarding your stock market assets is just as critical as securing tangible assets such as gold and silver. Just as you ensure that all your valuable jewellery and expensive items are securely stored, you must also pay equal attention to the security of your shares and financial instruments. In a way, a Demat account is a kind of safe and secure locker that maintains your shares and securities in a dematerialized format electronically. Through a Demat account, you receive numerous benefits and a seamless and convenient way of trading in the financial markets.

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Importance of Share Market Live Charts

As an investor, you tend to look into factors such as the earnings of a company and its sales profit to determine the kind of stocks you wish to buy on the share market. Similarly, seasoned investors use share market live charts to determine when stocks must be bought or sold.

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5 Signs to Look Out for When Investing in Share Market

Most new investors tread carefully when investing in the share market. And understandably so. It is essential to weigh in the pros and cons of your investment decisions before setting out to invest in the stock market. Another factor that can also play a huge difference in how you trade and build wealth is whether or not you’re trading with a reputed broker such as Kotak Securities.

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10 Awesome Things That Every 20 Something Should Buy This Year

Your 20s are undoubtedly the best years of your life. You have an immense amount of energy, a growing sense of responsibility, and an increasing awareness about achieving your goals. Your 20s is a memorable decade as you have just started earning. You must use your earnings to buy some amazing things as listed below.

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Monetary savings are an invaluable asset for every individual for planning their future. Be it regular day-to-day needs, educational or medical expenses, savings are an indispensable need for all. Hence, for servicemen or businessmen, irrespective of the profession, money should be invested in safe hands for future use. This becomes more critical in current times, where professionals and entrepreneurs have higher payout, faster growth and a shorter shelf life. The need for protecting the future through investments has thus grown in current times. There are several banks and financial institutions in India which offer a host of attractive investment schemes for customers. It is the general trend for most individuals to open a savings account and multiple fixed deposits in a bank, when it comes to financial planning. While options like mutual funds and fixed deposits offer higher returns, savings bank accounts have lower risk and very high liquidity.


10 things you should know about mutual funds

Mutual funds are increasingly becoming the popular choice of investors to build their wealth. If you are a new investor looking to understand mutual funds, this article can help you understand the basics and get started.

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How to select the best ULIP fund option for yourself

While there are numerous other options for investment, it is the new-age ULIP plans that have gained the faith of a majority in order to invest their funds. The prime reason why investors prefer ULIPs over the rest is because of its multiple fund options. These multiple funds options allow investors with maximum benefits.

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Handling market correction – Switch over from mutual funds to ULIPs now

The never-ending debate between the Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) and Mutual Fund (MF) takes new turns and twists every day. With the increasing need for life insurance plans due to the higher life expectancy, the need for these two products is growing rapidly. Due to the urgent need of these products, the investor is often confused about which product to invest in.

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