DO: Write A Personal Message To Your New Potential Friend

Tell them why you are choosing to friend them. Is it because you are in a common Facebook group? Did you go to grade school together? Did you read something interesting on their blog and decide to make a connection? Why do you want to be friends? For some, it’s pretty awkward to get a friend request from someone you’ve never seen before. A personal message will put your friend’s mind at ease.

DONT: Send A Message About Your Business Opportunity

There are a few reasons you shouldn’t do this…

1. You present yourself as a salesman who is only interested in forming a connection to market your business. This defeats the entire purpose of the “FRIEND” request because you make it very clear that you aren’t interested in a friendship.

2. You don’t know if your friend is interested in what you have to offer. Keep information about your business on your Facebook page so that they can have the option to view your opportunity.

3. Network marketers within the same company are sending pitches to each other about their business. I find it highly insulting when people friend me with a message about the company I’m already involved with. If you take the time to get to know your friends instead of being in such a hurry to tell them all about your company, you would know that they are already a fellow associate/business partner. This is the perfect example of why you should never mention your business from jump.

DO: Compliment Your Potential Friends

Everybody likes a good compliment. Make sure they are genuine and and feel personal.

DON’T: Include A Link

Links don’t work in friend requests. Wait until you are actually friends before sending links because they are not click-able in friend requests and look like spam.

DO: Provide A Personal Signature

Add a personal touch to your message by adding a signature. “Take care”, “Have a great day,” and “Best wishes” are great signatures that your potential friends will appreciate.

DON’T: Use Personalization Variables

Personalization variables don’t work on Facebook. You can’t type !Firstname_fix!, $$NAME$$ or anything of that nature and expect it to work. Take the few extra seconds to type in the name of the person you are requesting to be friends.

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