There are clubs you can’t belong to, neighborhoods you can’t live in, schools you can’t get into, but the roads are always open. – Nike
Did anyone of you dream ever ? I am not talking about a passing dream or a mere fantasy, but something that has germinated inside you, something u have thought, lived, felt so much so that it has become a part of your blood..
A dream is born in our subconscious..and then it spreads through our origin…so much so that we become an extension of what we dream..the dreams we see with our eyes open determine who we turn out to a bonshayee tree it spreads its roots through our veins and persuades us to take the chances we would consider risky unless we are under the spell of our wonder we might spend a few years trying to climb the imaginary stairs we build to reach our destiny..but then is it worthwhile to spend the whole life thinking that only at the cost of few years we could have got what we are being born to do?
One thing we should always realise is that we begin by choosing our dreams..but it ends with the dreams testing our worthiness before being is only when we live, breathe and give our souls completely does our dreams realise..our dreams determine to what extent we are ready to sacrifice for it to be fulfilled…also how we come across people on our way who either scatter them or hold our hands and show us the path to destination..but at the end its our own decisions that determines the way..

I donno what awaits for me..but it doesnt matter at all….my hope has ended my fear….as someone said good things happen to good people..but it is us who defines the good..creates them..inside i have always known what I am meant to is not only my dream..i shall definitely make into reality soon..experience might say it is risky..reason might say that i might fail..but the heart always says to give it a try….and i shall try till i succeed

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