1. We earn to live but we don’t live to earn
2. Office is a place where nobody is concerned about anything other than self interest. I f somebody is friendly then that person obviously wants something out of you. Be cordial, friendly, but never sacrifice your own interest. Learn to say no with a smile at times. People in office love you only as long as you listen to everything they say like an idiot
3. Health is wealth, once lost it never comes back
4. If you work less one day, then you can obviously make up in the future. But if you loose your health, no office is going to compensate you for that
5. Our health is dependent on food, sleep and happiness. It is very essential to relax so that the body can sustain in the long run
6. Nobody in this world can love you or care for you more than your mother and your life partner
7. We always think that we are achieving a lot, but years later when we look back we see that we have missed out on a lot of things in life

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