Did you just discover some amazing new songs by your favorite artists on YouTube? You’ve searched the material in Android and iTunes and you didn’t get it and you’re too lazy or a miser to buy it! What would you do then? Are you wondering about the ways in which you could download a YouTube video? Is that even possible? Can you download it and copy it in your computer? Well, not knowing that, the second best option left is to know how to convert the YouTube video into an MP3 file so that you can easily save it in your desktop or even upload it in your Facebook account.

If you’re an enterprising person, you should try to learn the ways in which you can log in to YouTube and convert a simple video into an MP3 file. Read on the concerns of this post to know more on how to juggle between youtube MP3.

  • Go to Youtube and get the video: Although it is needless to mention this as the first step, yet this guide is intended for the novices and hence it seems pretty necessary to cite this as the first step. Go to YouTube and find out your favorite video that you wish to convert to MP3 file.
  • Play it: Once you locate the video, play it and listen to it so that you know whether this is the one that you wish to convert and to check whether or not there are any problems or issues in the video.
  • Highlight the URL and copy it: The next step to take is to highlight the URL at the top of the video which you will find on the address bar and then copy the URL. You can do this either by right clicking on the address bar and selecting Copy or hitting Control+C and command +C at the same time if you’re on a Mac.
  • Open a new tab or browser and get a converter: Since you know that you won’t be able to convert the Youtube video on your own, you have to download a converter that can be used to convert youtube to mp3. Type in Google “youtube to Mp3 converter” and you will get a number of results. Try to click on the results that appear first in number.
  • Paste the URL and convert: Paste the URL of the YouTube video in the URL box and then click on “download” or “convert”.
  • Wait for the file to convert: Once you paste the URL, you should wait between 30 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on your internet connection, for the file to convert from youtube to mp3.
  • Find the download button: Once its done, the YouTube to Mp3 converter might ask you to wait for 20 seconds for the file to start downloading. Click on the file while you finish downloading and play it in your music player.

Although the quality of this file isn’t likely to be the best since you’ve converted the actual file, yet it won’t too bad to let go of. Try this out and listen to your favorite songs on your favorite mobile device.

By Eddy

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