Download GOM player as that is all that you may need for watching videos

If you’re an avid watcher of videos on your laptop or desktop, you must have adept knowledge on different video players. Given the popularity of VLC media player, there are people who think that this is the ace player when it comes to watching videos. But did you know that although VLC media player has a lot of features that are required to play any kind of video formats, there is an increasingly large number of people who prefer GOM player over it because the most vital functions can be effortlessly carried out by pressing single buttons. Forwarding, rewinding, increasing the volume and decreasing the same are some of the most important functions that we do while watching a movie and when it comes to GOM player, all these can be done by just using the arrow keys. Although all kinds of file formats can’t be played through this player, it certainly has some added advantages. Have a look at them.

  1. Audio synchronization: If you’re an avid watcher of videos, you must have faced a situation when the audio doesn’t synchronize with the video. But in such cases, it is possible to synchronize the video using the features of GOM player. Although this can be done in other players too, but there you need to go to “track Synchronization” option in Tools and set some other value. If you use GOM player, you can synchronize simply by pressing ‘Shift+’ to make it faster or slower.
  2. A-B Repeat: You must be aware of the fact that if you like a particular scene more in a given movie, you might wish to select the start and ending point of it to watch it again and again. Just press the ‘Button to select the start point’ and for end point. This particular option isn’t available in some of the other famous players. You can easily locate this option in the Control Panel icon that you will see at the bottom of the window or you can also reach there by pressing F7.
  3. Subtitle positioning and synchronization: Just like the audio synchronization mentioned above, you may have also faced subtitle synchronization problems. If you use GOM player, this wouldn’t be an issue ever more as you get one-touch options to adjust it and also avoid it. In fact, this is yet another option that you won’t find in some of the other players. All you have to do is to press >or< or to make it faster or slower. You may also right click on the player and choose the desired option if you don’t use the keyboard shorcuts.
  4. Full stretch: Irrespective of the size of the video that you’re watching and irrespective of the size of the monitor, you can watch all videos full screen only by pressing Ctrl+Enter in GOM player which is an option that is not found in some other popular players.

Hence, if you are thinking of downloading a player for watching videos, GOM player will unbiasedly be the best option for you.

By Eddy

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