Most of us want to donate to charity in any way we can. However, finding a charity to do this with can be quite difficult. We want to make sure that whatever it is we donate goes to a good cause and doesn’t actually line the pockets of people who run the charity itself. We also want to make sure that it is a charity that does something that is close to our heart. Hence, you may be wondering “how do I find charities in near me?”. Here are a few things to consider

Check the Internet

The first thing you should do is check the internet to see which charities operate in your local area. Although you may want to give to large international charities that are doing something global that you care deeply about (charities such as Medicines without Borders or War Child, for instance), you may also want to do something that impacts your own community directly. The internet will tell you exactly which charities operate in your area and what their goals are.

Find Something You Believe in

Once you have identified the charities in near you, it is likely that you will have a considerable list to choose from. Unfortunately, you cannot help them all. However, even the smallest help makes a positive difference, so have a good think about what it is you really care about. Perhaps you have been affected by something yourself (cancer, heart disease, alcoholism, domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness and so on), or perhaps there is something that angers you on a personal level (the treatment of army veterans, home care facilities and so on).

Look into the Charity

Next, you need to make sure that you donate to a charity that actually uses your donation properly. Unfortunately, there are all too many charities that use their funds for things you may not agree with. Naturally, all charities have expenses. They have to advertise to get more donations, they may need a building out of which to operate and to provide services, they need to run a website and so on. What you need to look up is how much of every dollar they collect actually goes directly to the people they want to help. It is up to you to decide what you think is enough, although it is reasonable to expect at least 60 cents in every dollar go to the people themselves.

Decide What You Can Donate

Finally, you need to decide what you can actually donate. Charities don’t just want your money (although that is something that helps them tremendously). They also need volunteers, time, expertise, items to sell, sponsors, advocates and more. They need people who can do something that will help them propel their work forward and it is highly likely that you are able to do some of that.

As you can see, if you ask yourself how do I find a charity in near me, you are actually asking yourself many different questions. Take some time to answer them so you will know for sure that you are making the biggest positive impact.

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