Did you know that you could find a glue manufacturer online that offers a large variety of glues and adhesives for all kinds of industries and projects? Instead of searching all over town for the glues you need you can actually find all of them at one location. Indeed small businesses and their online presence is the order of the day.

No matter the reason, you need a glue manufacturer you will be able to find a variety of different glues that will meet your needs. By browsing through the manufacturers website you will be able to search for glues by the industry such as arts & crafts, book binding, construction, graphic arts, labeling, laminating, lamp shade, packaging, silk screen, tape, and sample book.

Glue manufacturer for arts and crafts will offer a variety of glues including copolymer emulsion, modified polyvinyl acetate adhesive, craft paste, modified copolymer, vinyl acetate homopolymer, and standard white glue often used in schools. For those in the book binding industry needing a glue manufacturer you may want to find glues that will aid in various projects of your business. These can include 3-wing casing-in, casing-in, tipping, book repair, gluing off, and case-making to name a few.

A quality construction glue manufacturer will offer glues for woodworking as well as mastics. Different types of woodworking glues are created for different projects such as particleboard, high pressure laminate, wood, cellulosic surfaces, lacquered wood, and porous materials. Mastics glues are used for projects that include wood studs, un-coated concrete, wood, particleboard, styrene, ceramic tile, vinyl tile, paneling, stytene, glass, PVC tile, and polystyrene.

Glues for the graphic arts industry can include such projects as fugitive, perfect binding, padding compounds and NCR. The good news is that all of these glues can be found at one manufacturer’s website. USA Adhesive provides all of the above glues as well as those for the other industries listed. The company has been creating custom glues and adhesives for several years in their own lab and strives to offer the highest standards and quality products in the business.

This company creates all kinds glues including such as water-based resins like natural rubber, SBR latex, PVA emulsion, VAE emulsion, sealers, coatings, and adhesives for construction. If you have search high and low for all the glues you need and have been unable to find all the glues in one location, you can rest assured that USA Adhesives will have all the glues you need. The planning itself positions this entrepreneurial initiative for success.

Their specialty is custom formulation, which means that this glue manufacturer will create the formulation you require in their own lab. They have been in the business since 1937 and are well known across many industries in providing high quality custom formulations and quality products. You will be glad when you visit their website and see that glue manufacturer stands behind their products and their custom solutions for all types of adhesive needs that will meet your requirements. Stop searching and find all the adhesives you need in one convenient location.

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