The British taxi industry is at the heart of a legal dispute at the moment, as black-cab drivers look to take action against Uber vehicles that have been using a mobile application as a fare metre. The claim is that this represents an illegal practice, so there may well be a prolonged dispute in the near future. This should not cast a shadow as the taxi industry as one of the UK’s most prosperous and accessible market sectors, however, as it is open to anyone with a clean driving license, a strong work ethic and an ability to communicate well with all customer demographics.

The Freelancing Taxi Driver: 3 Steps to Establish a Profitable Career

With this in mind, what practical steps can aspiring freelancers take to establish themselves as taxi drivers? Consider the following: –

  1. Become a Better and More Qualified Driver

While most drivers think that they are fully qualified once they have passed their test, there are in fact advanced exams that can be taken to enhance their skills. These advanced driving tests have multiple benefits, particularly as they help to lower and insurance premiums and make it easier to qualify as a taxi driver. If you are to successfully purchase and maintain a private taxi, you will need to minimise costs where possible and reduce annual insurance premiums. On another note, advanced driving skills will also help you to feel more confident when out on the road.

  1. Invest in a Viable Vehicle and After Support

Procuring the vehicle is another key cost consideration, and one that you can approach in two different ways. You can strive to lower costs and purchase as cheap a vehicle as possible, for example, or you can invest a little more as a way of securing your financial future. If you were to purchase a car through Cab Direct, for example, you can look to spend a little more and benefit from an after-sales support network that includes stringent guarantees and warranty agents. While the amount that you spend will be influenced by budgetary constraints, you must try to remember that buying a taxi is an investment that will ultimately deliver a financial return.

  1. Determine a Viable Working Schedule

As a freelancer of any description, you are ultimately responsible for your own schedule and working methods. This can be particularly challenging as a taxi driver, however, as there may well be a need to work during unsociable hours if you are to maximise your earning potential. Although this allows freedom, it can also place a significant strain on your personal life and increase pressure with regards to accruing income. It is therefore crucial that you are realistic when establishing a schedule of work, and strive to strike the delicate balancing between enjoying life and generating a profit.

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