It would be fair to say that the marketing world has been heavily influenced by the internet over the past decade or so. Many businesses will spend more time on the SEO, SEM, social media management and all of the other facets of online marketing than that of some of the more traditional methods of marketing that were practiced in times gone by. Of course, online marketing is extremely important in the modern world but that does not mean that print marketing is dead. In fact, it is far from it. It has actually grown alongside that of the online revolution and is part of any major brands advertising campaigns.

Direct mail for instance is still one of the most effective advertising methods for local businesses with it holding a share of 43% for local advertising.

Top brands know of the importance of print advertising and there are many reasons why it will probably always be a highly effective method of getting your business message across. Take a look at a few of those reasons below.

The Use Of Variable Printing

This is far from a new concept but due to printing technology advancing, the costs involved have come down considerably. What variable printing allows you to do is to change specific aspects of each print job. This could be to using personal names in mail-shots and on postcards etc.

You may think that this is easier to do by email but whilst it is the audience will know that it takes far more effort to customize physical mail. This leads to the potential customer feeling that the company at hand has gone to more trouble to make a personal touch.

Using Print With Social Media

Many may feel that social media has only been around since the days of the internet, yet in reality they are quite wrong. The simple business card was the earliest form of a social medium. Once you have handed your business card to somebody, there has been a social connection made, giving the person the ability to connect with you further in the future.

However, social media has obviously exploded due to the internet but this does not mean that the good old business card is dead. In fact many businesses put social media addresses on their business cards, some even put customer testimonials and comments on them to help promote your product or service.

Print Marketing Now Has Less Competition

The online marketing world is a highly competitive one, with thousands upon thousands of companies spending most of their time trying to get the attention of their audiences. This has meant that there is now a bit of a void in the print marketing niche that is just asking to be filled.

Gone are the days of receiving handfuls of mail into your home, where you discard the majority of it. Nowadays you will only get a few bits and pieces of mail and this will ensure that your particular piece is given more time. They will have your attention for a small part of their day without any question, so if you are smart, unique and have the right message, you will have a far better chance of getting a lead.

Print Marketing Is The Least Expensive

Everyone knows that the costs involved in running a business can be hard to manage, especially for small businesses. The good news is that one of the benefits of print advertising is that it can be cheaper than any other form. It has a lower cost per impression rate than any other form of marketing which means real bang for buck for your business.

Click here to check on the sort of cost involved with print advertising. When you compare it to the costs of an online marketing campaign you will be extremely surprised at the savings that can be had by utilizing a printing campaign.

After reading the reasons as to why there is still plenty of life in print advertising, hopefully you will realize the true benefits and savings that it can bring to your advertising budget.

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