Depending on the kind of features you require, Arvixe may have the right web hosting packages for you. The Personal Class package is their shared hosting plan which works best for individuals and small businesses that do not require their own services to host their site. Under the Personal Class package they have two shared web hosting options known as Personal Class and Personal Class Pro and these plans come in Linux, Microsoft and ASP versions. If the apps and databases that you use require Linux then the Personal Class plan is best for you but if your website requires access to Microsoft apps and Microsoft database then you will benefit from the PersonalClass ASP plans.

Hosting package options

The web hosting options from Arvixe are compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows but the two Personal Class plans are good, solid shared hosting plans but they do not have as much flexibility when it comes to upgrading the service. A number of hosts offer a free domain for year but Arvixe promise to give you a domain name for free for the duration you are with them. If you are already in possession of a domain name then Arvixe will allow you to transfer it for free which is now a common feature.

This service allows you to have six domain under one account whereas most service only allow up to two. They also allow you to have six parked domains which is similar to other service and you can have an unlimited amount of subdomains.

Customer service and support

Arvixe are easily contactable via phone, email and live chat and they even supply several email addresses that can help to get your query sorted quickly. The live chat technical support is efficient but this could differ depending on the time of day it is. Their staff are helpful and thorough and they do not attempt to sell you extras.

Control Panel

Avrixe uses the common, industry standard cPanel as the tool for managing the website. At first the tool may seem confusing but everything is clearly labelled which means that familiarity grows quickly. The panel allows you to track stats such as disk space and bandwidth which can be useful at times.

This works alongside a number of different management apps such as WordPress and they can be installed directly from the control panel.

Remaining Secure

The servers are hosted in the US, Europe and Hong Kong making the whole system international. They also have redundant servers which means that downtime is kept to a minimum with 99.95 uptime guaranteed.

The UK web host comes with shared SSL and SSH and even though shared security does not give a huge amount of protection when compared to a private SSL Certificate it is a regular feature included in most web hosting packages. The shared SSL encrypts all data that is processed through your site and this includes data such as payment transactions. A private SSL Certificate can be purchased at an annual cost and SSH enables remote account activation through a two-step authentication process allowing you to keep control of your site from any location.


Avrixe offers some of the best web hosting plans and the lure of a free domain name for the duration of your contract is always a bonus. The possibility of hosting six domain name and six parked domain names is a decent feature and working across a number of platforms makes it extremely versatile. It comes with redundant back up across a number of countries making it a great choice when it comes to hosting your site.

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