The UK economy seems to be outperforming all the others within the EU and in mainland Europe as a whole. That does not mean companies should not look abroad to expand their businesses, because even though the euro has largely held its strength against the pound there is a huge market in mainland Europe. Companies that have not entered the export market before should only do so after doing some research and getting advice from the many bodies in the UK that provide help in such things.

Often such an expansion requires extra funding. While it is perhaps unfair to generalise the conservative approach that the traditional financial institutions seem to have adopted, it may mean it is better to look further afield for financial help. The financial sector that concentrates its efforts online through individual company websites to market their services may be a better place to look.

Positive Approach

They tend to take a more positive approach to commerce and understand that they can trade successfully by offering a range of services. The export market is one such opportunity. The important thing for a business to know is that they can get their money promptly. There is now a service whereby companies like will advance a large percentage of the invoice value as soon as the goods are dispatched.

Help and Advice

It is possible to hand over some of the detail behind an export deal. Someone who advances invoice revenue is also likely to take on collection of the payment from the customer, retaining their fee and the money advanced, while handing over to the client what is effectively profit.

Cash Flow

The whole issue of cash flow is central to the well-being of a business. There are many examples of situations where the ability to get paid in a timely fashion can be vital to a business. It is not just with export customers. It applies equally as well in normal trading. The costs involved can be included in the annual budget when they are prepared and sometimes sales prices can be adjusted to cover the cost.

This may be of particular value to fairly new companies that are trading successfully but are being held back by issues of cash flow. The economy is going well and there is certainly an opportunity for growth as long as there are no constraints; finance is often the biggest constraint of all.

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